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Why Your Car Dealership Should Use Virtual Tours

Virtual reality and virtual tours are one of the most powerful yet underused marketing tools today. Learn more about how virtual tours can help your car dealership or car business.

Why Your Car Dealership Should Use Virtual Tours

News  Why Your Car Dealership Should Use Virtual Tours
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Dec 02, 2021 03:16 AM

Virtual reality tours can transport viewers into the middle of your dealership and give them an idea about what it's like to sit inside one of your cars. Not only does virtual reality allow people to see all of a car’s best features from every angle but also feel as though they’re actually standing at the dealership or sitting in one of the vehicles, which helps make those hard decisions easier in the customer journey. 

Static flat 2D photographs of a care along with a list of features isn’t enough for the more tech savvy customers of today.


Virtual tours are a great way to give people an inside look at your dealership and vehicles. Virtual tours let them explore from afar, learn about all the reasons why you deserve their business and see if it's worth making that trip into town or not.

What is a Virtual Car Walkaround Video?

A virtual car walkaround video, sometimes called a virtual tour, is an online promotional video in which we use 360° panoramic photography and animation to show the exterior and interior of your car. The viewer can move around inside the car as if they were sitting inside it physically. No other kind of 360° imaging has such immersive realism.

How is a virtual car walkaround video created?

Our ViviScape VR team starts by capturing high-resolution images of your car from all angles. Then we stitch these images together to create a 360° panoramic photo. We use this photo as the backdrop for our 3D animation, which allows the viewer to move around the car and look at it from different angles.

Is a virtual walkaround video right for me?

Virtual car walkarounds are the perfect cross between an actual physical walkaround and a single static image. Because you can look around dynamically, it's nearly as good as being there in person! Customers will be able to explore your car more intimately than ever before, and they can even see what it looks like inside and out. If you're looking to give your potential customers the most immersive experience possible, a virtual car walkaround is the perfect solution.


If you're interested in creating a virtual car walkaround for your dealership, please get in touch! We would be happy to help you get started.

The Benefits of Virtual Tours for Car Dealerships

As discussed above, virtual car walkarounds are the best way to give potential customers an immersive look at your vehicle(s). There are many benefits to using virtual tours in your dealership's marketing efforts.


The Viewer Can See 360 Degrees - Viewers don't have to try to look around within a small window or photo. Instead, they can move all around the car and see it from every angle. They won't even have to strain their neck!

It's Immersive - Instead of looking at a photo or watching a video like most other marketing material would, users can actually walk around the vehicle as if they were there in person. This is far more immersive and interesting than anything else out there.

They're Engaging - Because people can explore the car on their own, they're more likely to spend more time looking at it. This means that they're far more likely to remember your dealership and the vehicle(s) you have for sale.

They Can Be Used in Place of Physical Walkarounds - Not everyone can attend a physical walkaround, but with a virtual car walkaround, anyone can explore your vehicle(s. This is a great way to reach more people and show them what your dealership has to offer.


If you're looking for an engaging, immersive way to show off your vehicles, virtual car walkarounds are the way to go. Contact us today to get started!

Examples of Virtual Tours of Cars and Car Dealerships

Virtual car walkarounds can be seen in many different places. Here are just a few examples:

BMW and Mini Renova Showroom 

Bosch Automated VR Driving Experience 

Mini Cooper Museum 


As discussed above, virtual car walkarounds are the best way to give potential customers an immersive look at your vehicle(s). There are many benefits to using virtual tours in your dealership's marketing efforts. Interested in creating a virtual car walkaround for your dealership? Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can incorporate VR in your digital marketing strategy.


Do you need a virtual tour of your car dealership? Let's talk!

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