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How to Enhance Your Virtual Tours with Rich Content

Many industries are using virtual tours to highlight their products and properties. You can do more by enhancing your virtual tours with embedded video, call to action buttons, and more. This article examines the ways you can enhance a virtual tour.

How to Enhance Your Virtual Tours with Rich Content

News  How to Enhance Your Virtual Tours with Rich Content
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Dec 30, 2021 02:58 AM

You probably already know that virtual tours are extremely popular among real estate agents and travel agencies. The truth is that they can be used effectively in many different industries, including hospitality, education, beauty salons, chiropractors' offices, etc. 


As you create more and more virtual tours, it's important to keep learning about new ways to enhance them so they really stand out. 


At the same time, you also don't want to lose sight of what made virtual tours so popular in the first place: simplicity. The great thing about using a virtual tour is that you can essentially show off an entire space with just one video. 


That's why it's important to include high quality content, but also keep it simple and elegant.

Here are some ideas to help you enhance your virtual tours with rich content: 

- Create an immersive experience by adding videos or photos of the space at various times throughout the day. This is very effective for real estate agencies, resorts, hotels, and travel agencies where the property itself is key. For example, if you're selling a ski chalet in Aspen, show videos of what it's like skiing on the slopes during winter. Embedding a YouTube video highlights special features of the tour and enhances the user’s experience. A qualified VR marketing expert at ViviScape can help you embed any video into your virtual tours as well as your website.


- Add voice narration to your videos. People like being guided by voice or told about special features in the scene.


-Add Google Maps along with tagged information about local landmarks.


- Add images that are connected to certain places within the space. For example, if you're showing off an apartment with stunning views of the city, use photos that highlight those views. This technique is especially effective in businesses like beauty salons where the experience of visiting is key. 


- Include beautiful photos or graphics that highlight important features throughout the space. This method is great for emphasizing the amenities at a spa, for example, or all of the different types of services offered by a chiropractor's office. You can even use this technique to show the interiors of different car models at a car dealership or the different types of houses available at a real estate agency.


- Add share buttons to encourage people to show off what they're seeing on social media. This is crucial for travel agencies and resorts, but also applies to many other industries. It's especially important for businesses where reviews are key, like restaurants, wedding venues, Airbnb rentals, and spas.


- Add links to pages on your own website that go into more detail about the business or the surrounding area. For example, if someone clicks on "contact" within a virtual tour of an apartment for rent, they'll be directed to contact information for the realty agency. 


- Incorporate images of people who live, work, or play near your business. This method is by far the most effective at incorporating rich content into virtual tours, but it's also more time-consuming than other methods. 


- Add a call-to-action link at the end of your virtual tour. This is an effective way to direct people toward taking an action you want, like booking a service or purchasing a product.


There are several different ways to go about enhancing your business's virtual tours with rich content and many of them can be incorporated easily and quickly. What you need to focus on is how the content adds real value to your customers' experience.


If you need help creating a virtual tour of a property or business in Indiana or Michigan, contact us or call our ViviScape marketing team at (574) 207-6511.

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