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Enterprise Applications

pre-built software to power your company

ViviScape provides software built to empower your company's marketing and operational objectives. Our goal is to save you time while you continue to grow and streamline your organization.

Listed below are few SaaS (Software as a Service) and software tools we have created ahead of time for you to increase your productivity:

Keep track of the places you discover.

Tagger is your mobile sidekick. Tagger was built to serve as your personal assistant when navigating through life. Keep track of nearby points of interest easily with the shake of you hand.

Whether you are going on vacation, touring a city, at the airport, parking your car, or even at the grocery store. Tagger is the tool for you.

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Local Business Directories

Flytrap is our latest platform for local businesses. FlyTrap listings provide a simple and streamlined way to showcase your products, brands and services utilizing nearby services, and beacon technology. FlyTrap’s toolset allows the ability to promote to the audiences that care most about the product and services your deliver.


Fax Smarter Together

Faxing isn't Dead, Faxing has evolved. ViviScape Team fax provides a simple, smart faxing solutions for teams that require a secure way to send and receive faxes together.

When email and file shares are not an option, and you are looking for way to satisfy your digital "paper trail" needs, teamFax is the solution you need to fill in the gaps.

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Wellness Management Platform

You change lives. We are here to help.

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Easy to use Mobile Apps

You can engage your clients in a variety of safe ways using the NorthTrac mobile apps listing below:

NorthTrac Coach

NorthTrac Survey

NorthTrac myCoach

NorthTrac Axis 2

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We are here to help!

If you are looking for a single tool that can streamline your daily activities this management platform is for you. You change lives. We are here to help.

Wellness CRM

NorthTrac is a health and wellness platform designed to increase productivity, visibibilty, and add impact for teams small to large.

NorthTrac is a simple

A comprehensive health and wellness management platform equipped to provide a secure, simple way to manage appointments, coaching sessions, biometrics, plans, goals, and many other tools needed to build success for your wellness professionals and the clients they serve.


Are you looking for a way to convert html reports into PDF's within your current website or application? Our HTML to PDF solutions makes this process easy, because we do it for you.

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Simple Task and Project Managment

  • 1.

    Provide a simple way to monitor projects without all the overhead.

  • 2.

    Work alone or within teams on one or many action items.

  • 3.

    Keep track of the progress for projects and tasks.

Still Looking for Something Esle?

Work with our team of software and media experts to bring your next idea to life.