This Weeks Top Picks From CES 2018

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1. This article announces what exciting new things that Intel is doing including major breakthroughs in Quantum computing, and it's new 8th generation core processors.

Intel CES 2018


2. Toyota has unveiled new autonomous electric vehicle concept called E-Palette, and it is using a business concept along with transportation combined with time saving in mind. Below is an article, and an informative video from Kelly Blue Book. 

Artlicle from Forbes about Toyota E-Paltette





3. A peak into the future of television with this video of the new Samsung 146inch Micro LED 4K TV.




4. Rollable, or folding LED's are not just theory anymore, and have been a reality. Now an application of this can be seen as LG Display has mad a 65-inch rollable OLED TV. Also and LG highlight on other uses for these types of displays. 



LG 65 Inch OLED rollable tv at CES 2018


5. Here is some patent news about LG. for a foldable phone design.

Two questions are:

“What manufacturer will have first foldable phone”?, and

“Will 2018 eventually be the year of the foldable phone?”

LG patents foldable phone that morphs into a tablet



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