My Experience Switching from Android to iPhone X

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As an Android user who was caught in the buzz of a beta device from Apple.

I was hard at work talking myself into trying this phone called the iPhone X. I do not regret it one bit. I asked myself three simple questions, and here are my answers.


How the iPhone X enhanced my user experience?

  1. The speakers which are very amazing and provide more than ample sound to not even need a Bluetooth speaker.
  2. I liked the feel of the display, and how it felt very smooth.
  3. The natural lighting of the display.
  4. The look, and design of the menus, and app interactions with settings being very smooth to get to.
  5. How iPhone displayed the settings for sleep, and wake mode when going to bed. This made it easy to say please tell me when to go to bed.
  6. The way Apple walks you through the device and provides helpful hints for you which a tremendous help.
  7. Amazing low light photos.
  8. Decent job at not excluding Google account users. Two Thumbs Up!
  9. I felt cool carrying a phone with the highs benchmarks in the industry.
  10. Face ID works great.


How the device made my life more frustrating?

  1. Siri seems to push you toward Apple products, and away from other products.
  2. The strange up and to the left hard swipe from the bottom of the phone to reveal all the open programs or panels.
  3. I did not feel that the call quality compared to other devices, and especially for the money.
  4. I cannot seem to overcome not being a fan of the Apple ecosystem. iTunes is a major one for me.
  5. The phone charges much slower than other devices that I have had in the past.
  6. I found the notch, and many apps to be limiting the true screen capabilities of this phone.
  7. What happened to the fingerprint scanner? Why is apple forcing me to adopt face id rather than keeping the fingerprint scanner?
  8. Notifications seem to be very annoying to me on this phone because I ended up with so many by the end of the day.
  9.  Limited customization of widgets compared to Android. I could not organize things how I like, and I could not have an e-mail widget going because it would get blasted with everything. You can, however, set up the email widget to receive certain e-mails using VIP.
  10. 10. Despite the claim that Apple does not crash as much as android devices. The device I had seemed to crash more than I have ever seen before with any android device.


Could I live with this device for two, or more years?

The answer would be no. I quickly returned the phone and went back to Android which offered me more freedom, and the Samsung Note 8 was a good fit for me.  I am also in love with the Samsung Health App. However, Apple is far from over, and I hope they can revolutionize the industry as they have done in the past.


I am excited about the future. How about you?




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