Getting Ready for the iPhone X

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It has Arrived! Are you ready?

The iPhone X is here! We at ViviScape are excited to see what Apple has prepared for us.  Such a monumental step towards change for the next chapter for Apple's flagship product. Change is not always, and as expected we are positive to see some resistance from consumers.  We are hoping that the iPhone X release is as smooth as silk for those looking to upgrade their existing iPhone's, or those potentially looking to switch from Google devices to an amazing Apple product.

CNET's iPhone X Review

CNET provided a great review to warm up for your next big purchase.


If you are ready to take the leap, here are a few things to be prepared to do for next device:

  • Make sure you have all Password for the apps you use most. This will also provide you a chance to purge old apps you don’t care about. If you have smart devices at your home, you may need this to control your lights, thermostat, etc.
  • Wait a few days after the release. See what people are saying, and what accessories may not be compatible with latest Apple hardware. If your using old devices you may want to consider this as a possibility. Apple is usually pretty good with this issue, but I just wanted to put it out there.
  • Before purchasing make sure you are savvy with data plans provided by your cellular carrier. You want to make sure, you don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes after upgrading.
  • Protect your phone! Pay for the protection for the first few months. It’s not that expensive, and you will hate yourself if you break your new phone.

Alternative solutions for Backup:

  • Dropbox - Very reputable, provides many collaboration features and allows you to automatically sync photos.  You can get 2GB for free and rewards users through referrals with more storage for free.
  • OneDrive – Great solution for users working across both Microsoft and Apple ecosystem. Like Dropbox with alternative pricing. Usually, has options that come with your Office 365 Subscription if you are a subscriber.

Business Talk

Here is an interesting guide covering FaceID Security.

Stay Tuned for updates as we continue to watch the latest and greatest apple talk in THE BUZZ.



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