Wireless Charging

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Wireless Charging


I wanted to look at wireless charging a bit to see if this tech is something that is going to change how we do things. Wireless charging is not new and has been around for a few years, but this tech is definitely getting charged up.


In this article below by CNET they talk about some upcoming improvements in wireless charging. 


Wireless Charging is meh, but it's going to get way better


My Experience with Wireless Charging.

I have used two mainstream mobile devices; the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the iPhone X. Both flagship phones come with a solution for wireless charging. The Samsung charged very fast compared to the iPhone X, but I needed to be very careful about how I placed the phone so it would charge. The iPhone X, however, seemed to have a much more solid charging connect, but it took much longer to charge. 

Comparing iphone 8 Plus to Note 8 Wireless Charging




Wireless Charging for devices in Automobiles

Carmaker Honda has included a wireless charger for its 2018 model Accord. In the 2018 Honda Accord their this a wireless charging pad for your cell phone. Below is a video detailing the use of this device. 



Completely Cord Free 

When you are using a wireless charger you are still having to plug it in somewhere. There is a tech that will allow you to have your phone charge when it needs without cords. This below article explains a little bit more about that. 

About Over the Air Charging


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