Fax Machine vs Online Faxing

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The fax machine has been a staple in the business office for a long time. The main reason to fax documents is that you can transmit images over a telephone wire. Physical faxing still does have its place. There are still physical documents that need to be processed. Increasingly however many documents can be scanned and processed electronically. This means that there is no reason to keep a physical copy. Digital faxing is basically faxing that eliminates the need for physical documents.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Traditional Fax machines

Reliability is the main factor why some companies still prefer investing in a traditional fax machine. Traditional fax machines are hooked up to a dedicated telephone landline. Landlines do have a proven track record of being available. You can usually depend on your document getting through to your recipient if they have a dedicated fax line. Having the physical document almost instantly is probably one of the biggest benefits of a traditional fax machine. 

When your fax machine is working perfectly, your recipient receives the needed information. You can’t predict what will happen. Your fax machine could break down. You could run out of ink. Your telephone signal might be weak. Your documents could be exposed to unauthorized personnel. Traditional fax machines are expensive to maintain.

The biggest pitfall is actually the time factor. If there is a line at the fax machine, you could be waiting longer than you expected to fax your documents. You may have to wait to get a dial tone because of a busy signal. You have to prepare and feed each document manually.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Digital Fax Services

The benefits of digital fax services are two-fold. The first benefit of digital fax services is that you can go paperless. This saves time and paper waste. It also allows you to send the fax to multiple addresses at the same time. This is not something you can do with a traditional fax machine.

Another good benefit of digital fax services is the fact that you can now streamline processes. Without the bother of paying for a physical fax machine, the paper, and ink, you can actually free yourself from the related stress of jams and other errors. Digital fax services save time by eliminating the wait time associated with traditional fax machines. You can also avoid the time-consuming processes involved with manually faxing documents to multiple addresses.

Smart faxing methods include being able to email multiple addresses, setting up a directory of folders and being able to select security protocols. This process also eliminates the confusion that sometimes happens when you’re faxing documents. Digital fax services provide a simple and easy to implement a way to process documents from anywhere in the world.

The savings you can receive from a digital fax solution compared to a traditional fax machine are a major consideration. Traditional fax machines can run from $150 to $2000. Traditional fax machines need maintenance. This costs around $50.

There are some pitfalls with digital fax solutions. Businesses still deal with physical documents. These documents will still need to be scanned into the system to be processed. There is a possibility that you may still lose documents because you don’t have any physical copies.

Outages can still occur.  With online faxing, you can rest assure that faxes in the queue can be delivered or resent with the press of a button from the desktop or mobile devices.

The fact is that digital fax solutions do provide your organization with the flexibility you need to do business. You need a faxing solution that fits your needs. Digital faxing solutions provide you with:
• Peace of mind
• Low cost
• Flexibility
• Customization

Businesses run more efficiently with digital faxing solutions because most businesses are connected online. Traditional fax machines are slowly but surely becoming “a thing of the past.” It is important to consider a number of factors when making the move to digital faxing solutions. The cost of maintaining a fax machine is one of the biggest factors. It isn’t the only one. Traditional fax machines are reliable. They have a proven reliability factor in performance. This factor alone can be a deciding factor for maintaining a fax machine.

With both methods of fax communication, there are risks involved. Digital fax solutions can provide you with peace of mind because you know your messages have been received. They are also a low-cost alternative to traditional fax machines. Flexibility is a key factor especially when you are just starting your business. Many businesses enjoy the fact that they can now customize their faxing in many different ways. The biggest benefit is the security protocols you can achieve.


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