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Why Drone Pilots Need a Website for their Portfolios

Learn how creating a website for your portfolio could advance your career as a freelance drone pilot!

Why Drone Pilots Need a Website for their Portfolios

News  Why Drone Pilots Need a Website for their Portfolios
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Oct 25, 2019 01:23 AM

There are many different businesses looking for freelance drone pilots and services. Realtors use drone pilots to take pictures of the properties they want to sell. Some people use drones for 3D mapping and modeling. Even wedding photographers have added aerial drone shots of wedding venues to their portfolio. It’s important to figure out what type of drone pilot you would like to be, not that you have to limit yourself to only one. The broader your expertise on drone piloting, the more you can offer to a larger variety of customers

To be a successful drone pilot it is important to network. There are freelancing drone websites that can bring work to you, but most drone pilots get the majority of their work through personal connections and recommendations. Since networking and reputation are how you will be building your drone business, it is important that you have a website to advertise the drone services you offer. A website for any business or product helps promote the brand of the business or product by telling readers what the brand is about. Business websites are where customers can learn more about you, your brand and the drone services you can provide.

You want to make it easy for your potential clients to find your drone services. The best way to make yourself seen by potential clients is by creating a website that showcases your portfolio. Giving potential clients a sample of your work to view, will assure them that you are the right fit for their aerial photography needs. A website also allows customers who are referred by previous clients to see what you’re capable of and view all your drone skills. If you are a new drone pilot, you could create a portfolio out of sample work to show people what you are capable of. When word of mouth spreads about your freelance pilot drone business you want to be able to show people what you are capable of. Once your website establishes your presence as a drone pilot, you will be able to quickly build up your contacts and expand your network.


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