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Using HR Videos to Help with Internal Communication

Are you looking for a better way to improve internal communication within your company? Read this article to discover why HR videos might be right for you.

Using HR Videos to Help with Internal Communication

News  Using HR Videos to Help with Internal Communication
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May 13, 2020 12:23 PM

Video can be utilized to help your business both externally
and internally. Utilizing video in your internal operations will help you
better communicate your vision, values, and ideas to your employees. Video will
not only help your employees retain more information, but also it will help
your employees feel connected to your brand, company, and motto.


HR videos can help your company communicate company
policies, training, and more. Creating informational or training videos is both
more practical and more efficient than sending an email or setting up a power
point presentation to convey information to your employees. Video makes it
easier for people to absorb and remember important information. HR videos also
makes information accessible for your employees because they can watch the
videos whenever it is most convenient for them. HR videos are especially
effective for training employees. Training videos avoid the complications of
finding a time that works for both your employees and trainer. Scheduling a
time when everyone is available might result in shutting down operations for
the day. HR training videos also negate the problem of finding a space to host
the presentation.

When your HR department can train your employees by video, you
have the flexibility of posting the video in a variety of formats. Video
editing gives you the flexibility to update and reuse the same material rather
than creating a whole new presentation. This is helpful when updating
guidelines for training or other informational videos. You can create videos
that help new hires understand what is expected from them and remind employees
who have been with the company longer to stay on top of changes. You can also
utilize HR videos for recruitment. Let high profile potential employees know
that you care about your employees. You can even personalize the video to make
sure potential employees know that you would value their work at your


Video can also be used for HR presentations. When it’s
necessary to give a presentation on either new policies or training, you want
your employees to be able to retain the information. Storytelling through video
is the quickest and easiest way for your employees to learn new strategies. Video
helps employees retain more information for longer by engaging your employees
with multiple senses at once through the use of editing and storyboarding. You
can even make your video interactive by asking follow-up questions at the end
of your video. Engaging your audience will help keep your employee’s attention
and help them remember important information. People tend to think in stories
and video editing will help convey your story in a visually interesting and
emotional way.

Video allows you to communicate more to your employees while
wasting less time. In a presentation, it often takes time to switch from one
topic in another. However, video editing will provide you with succinct and
swift transitions from one topic to another. 
It’s important to keep your video short. You want quality over quantity.
When you’re placing a video in your presentation, it helps to be mindful of
backgrounds.  You want to avoid adding a
video to a background that’s super busy and might be distracting. Try adding
video to spots in your presentation that might be packed with info. This will
give your audience a break to digest the info you’ve already given them. Consider
playing a video at the beginning of your presentation to build anticipation, or
at the end of your presentation to strike a specific emotion with your audience
before they leave.


Explainer videos are good for breaking down complex ideas by
providing concrete images to abstract ideas. They will capture your audience’s
attention and evoke a specific emotional reaction from them. A good explainer
video is about 90 seconds long.  Consider
your target audience when you select graphics for your explainer video, make
sure they are culturally and age appropriate. Voice over as well as the
animation style of your video should match the tone of your brand and website.
The best explainer videos share valuable information while also being
entertaining. You can utilize explainer videos internally to explain a step by step
processes to your employees.


HR, presentations, and explainer videos will capture your
audience attention and help them understand your products and services as well
as your brand. Creating HR Videos is a big journey to embark on.

Viviscape can help you create HR videos that will effectively communicate company guidelines
or training to your employees. Together we can help you tell the story that you
want to tell. Click here to get started with Viviscape.

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