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Top 3 Trending apps Small Businesses Use

Are you looking for a apps to help with your daily workload of running a small business easier? Read this article to find out what are the top three trending apps for small businesses.

Top 3 Trending apps Small Businesses Use

News  Top 3 Trending apps Small Businesses Use
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Oct 13, 2019 06:11 AM


Starting a business can be difficult if you don't know where to start.  One of our clients Andy found this out the hard way and sought out on a mission to streamline his new business venture. Let me tell you a little about his story.

Andy is an artist and film fanatic. Andy likes to recreate the posters of his favorite movies. Recently, he discovered that there is an audience for his work. However, Andy has never run a small business before, and he is afraid he won’t enjoy doing the work that he loves if he’s busy worrying about the operations of running a small business. Luckily for Andy, there are many apps that can assist him with the operations of running his business. However, maybe there are too many apps. How can Andy find the ones he really needs? The three trending apps that Andy found most helpful for his business needs are G-Suite, Ship Station, and Survey Monkey.


G-Suite provides Andy with 30GB of secure online storage. For $6.00 a month, Andy also gets twenty-four-seven Google support, a company email, and easy data migration. In addition, Andy also has access to sharable documents, slide shows, and spreadsheets. Andy uses G-suite’s online storage space for his artwork. When Andy’s computer crashed, he lost all his files for a Back to the Future Poster he was working on for a client. Now that Andy has G-Suite, he stores all his files on the cloud, so he doesn’t have to worry about losing his files in the unfortunate event of his computer crashing. G-Suite also allows Andy to work on projects from multiple locations and with multiple technologies. He can start a sketch on his tablet while he’s riding the subway and finish it when he gets home. Andy is also able to collaborate with his business partner who deals with the financial side of his business. With Google’s online spreadsheets, documents, and slideshows, Andy’s business partner can easily update Andy on the sales and profits of his business.

Ship Station

Ship Station helps Andy streamline his online purchases. For $9.00 a month, Andy can process online orders, get alerts on orders, print shipping labels, and track shipments. Andy can import his art supplies from over 100 marketplaces and stores that Ship Station works with.  Ship Station geo tracks Andy’s packages and makes it easy for Andy to make returns when he accidentally orders the wrong materials with Ships Station’s custom self-service portal. Ships Station also uses data analytics to track Andy’s inventory and alert him when he’s low on supplies. What Andy likes the most about Ship Station is that he gets discounts when he uses USPS, DHL, or Fed-EX.

Survey Monkey

Andy uses Survey Monkey to improve his posters to suit his clients’ needs. Survey Monkey allows Andy to connect with his customers in order to measure his customers’ satisfaction. His customers can leave anonymous comments so Andy can better meet his future clients’ expectations. Survey Monkey even helps Andy come up with questions to ask his clients and Andy can review the results of the survey as they come in.

With these three tools, Andy has more time to dedicate to his art because the nitty gritty part of running his business is taken care of for him. As Andy’s business grows, he relies more and more on different tools and apps to keep his business running smoothly.


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