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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Website

If you’re looking to expand your company’s reach, a multi-page website is the answer. The more pages you have, the more opportunities there are!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Website

News  The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Website
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Mar 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Choosing the Right Website to Get Results

For narrowly focused projects or for those encouraging users to take a specific action, the single page website style may be best. However, for companies looking to expand their reach, a multi-page website is the answer. A multi-page style allows more freedom to increase your reach and optimize your SEO. The more pages you have, the more opportunities there are for SEO keyword use and other SEO techniques at play.


Many companies prefer multi-page website style for its traditional approach. Its predictable navigation structure is what users expect, and this eases navigation. Surprises in navigation and structure can sometimes be an obstacle.


We are not advocating for one style over the other, but we’d like to offer you this guide to help you decide which website style is best. There’s really no hard and fast rule in the world of web design. It’s up to the business and their goal for the website. Viviscape takes time to sit down with each client and ensure that their website is tailor made for their company’s mission and needs.

Focus on Your Content’s Goal

The first thing to consider is what role your content will play on your site. You’ll want to put the most important content front and center. You’ll also want to guide the user’s eyes to the best points in your content. Giving your users easy access to the most important content should be your top priority whether you’re dealing with a single page website like a landing page or a traditional multi-page website.

Consider SEO’s Powerful Capabilities

Many have dismissed SEO’s power in ramping up website traffic, but they do so to a fault. Search engine optimization (SEO) is even more powerful than it was in the early 2000s. Multi-page sites offer more SEO power because several pages can work in tandem to increase exposure, reach, and sales. Larger amounts of content create more opportunities for your site to rank higher in the search engine results. You can feature a different keyword for each page rather than being limited with a one-page site. When you create a multi-page website, you’re creating more opportunities for content and the potential to optimize that content.

When is a multiple page website best?

E-commerce obviously is a prime candidate for a traditional multiple page website due to the very nature and structure of the business model itself. A site selling many different products or product types will need many pages to inform and guide the user to a desired outcome.


Corporations like software companies need a multiple page website to contain all the divisions of the company and inform users about the many products and services they offer. A local restaurant may do just fine with a single page website, but a multiple page site could offer them more room to discuss various cuisines in blog posts or to display their menu or promotional offers. Reviews can also find their own page in a multiple page website which is helpful even for small businesses.


PROS for Multi-Page Websites

  •   Traditional and familiar navigation gives the user a visual map.
  •   You can rank for several keywords by optimizing each page for a specific keyword.
  •   You have multiple entry points to access the website.
  •   Unlimited SEO potential
  •   Unlimited scalability
  •   Unlimited marketability
  •   Unlimited content
  •   Multiple-page websites are easier to design and develop.
  •   SEO is easier and more effective.
  •   Multiple-page frameworks present tested security.
  •   Most developers have experience already with multi-page websites.
  •   Multi-page websites are less expensive to build because they use established technologies.



  •   Multi-page websites require more content, more work, and more development.

When is a single page website best?

Single page websites are ideal for landing pages and funnel pages. A landing page is one on which a customer lands after clicking an ad like the ones at the top Google SERPs (search engine results pages). Real estate agents use single page websites to feature a special property. The whole page is devoted to that one special property. E-commerce companies may use a single page site to feature a specific product. For example, a holiday gift item may have its own page which will be featured in Facebook ads promoting it. Numerous examples abound of how companies and individuals use single page websites. Artists like photographers use single page websites to display their portfolios. You could even use a single page website for personal reasons like an engagement party or an informational page for an upcoming wedding. The sky’s the limit. All of them have a few things in common: responsive design, SEO limitation, simple design, single message/goal, and strong call to action (CTA).

Sometimes Both Is Better

One thing that business owners are surprised to learn is that sometimes you need both website styles. You could have a traditional multi-page website and a landing page that is one single page of content with an emphasis on call to action. The landing page, of course, serves a singular purpose. That purpose may be to collect a user’s email address, sign them up for your newsletter, lead them to a sale, or simply offer timely advice along with a promotion. A multi-page website has many functions and purposes including to inform and engage potential and existing customers.


At Viviscape, we have the technical know-how and team of highly experienced software developers and designers to help you with any style of website. Call us today to discuss ideas and goals for your website.


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