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The Importance of Video Storytelling

Are you looking for the best way to tell your brand's story? Read this article to find out why video storytelling might be right for you.

The Importance of Video Storytelling

News  The Importance of Video Storytelling
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Mar 23, 2020 01:52 AM

Storytelling can take place across many different platforms. When you’re sharing a story to promote your brand, you want to make sure that it is delivered in the most compelling way possible. Using visuals will help you create a story that your potential customers can connect to and make your brand unforgettable.


People consume more media through video than through text. In fact, video streaming is responsible for 80% of internet traffic. You are more likely to grab people’s attention when they see a play button on your website. Video storytelling can get you noticed on YouTube, which is the second most popular search engine in the world. Not only do people prefer watching videos to reading text, but they also retain more information when they watch videos.  This is because images are processed in our brains faster than text. By committing your story to video, you are making it easier for customers to remember your brand.


The point of storytelling is to provoke emotion. When you create a story through text, you often use imagery to stimulate your audience’s senses and help them connect with your story emotionally. However, with video storytelling, you have the advantage of using multiple tools to connect with your audience. Videos allow you to connect with your audience through audio, visuals, and editing. Audio, which includes musical ques, sound cues, dialogue, and narration, can help set the tone and mood of your story.

Videos use music to tell their audience how to feel. For instance, music ques in a horror movie will put an audience on edge in anticipation of what will happen next.  Visuals are also a powerful tool in video storytelling. The colors in a visual can evoke very specific emotions. For instance, a palette consisting of blues, greys, and purples might bring your viewer a sense of calm, while a brighter pallet might bring a viewer a sense of joy.

Another benefit of using video storytelling is control. Video storytelling gives you the control to not only tell the story you want to tell, but at the pace you want to tell it. Unlike storytelling through text, where audiences can read at their own pace, video editing gives you the power to tell your audience exactly where and when to look. Readers often skim through text, causing them to possibly miss the message of your story. Video storytelling gives you the opportunity to make sure your audience receives your message.

All these tools make it easier to translate facts and data into something emotional, relatable, and easy to understand. These traits are all necessary to catch the attention of your audience and potential customers.


It’s important to identify the goal your company wishes to achieve with video storytelling. Companies often use explainer videos to educate their audience about their products. You can also produce testimonial videos from customers about your product, or from employees about the values of your company. Video storytelling attaches a face to your brand, giving your company personality. Videos give you the opportunity to be sarcastic or funny, a tone that can be lost within the text. Customers will feel like they know you better which will help establish trust and loyalty.


When you connect with your customers on a personal and emotional level, you gain their trust. Knowing your target audience will help you create a video that will accomplish this. It’s important to decide what type of video you want to make, what platform you want to use to promote it, and what format the video should be in. You can utilize video for promos, intros, product tutorials, explainer videos, and more. Explainer videos usually use motion graphics to clearly demonstrate the product, whereas introduction videos or product tutorials might require a live-action cast.


With modern technology, the expense of video production has gone down. If you are trying to keep expenses low, you can make a video using video interviews or archived footage of your business. You can also be able to get video production at a lower cost by reaching out to private freelancers who might give you a lower price than bigger production companies.


Video storytelling is a big journey to embark on. Viviscape can help you along that journey by creating content that will engage your target audience. We will make sure that your story is told in the most suitable platform for your needs. Together we can help you tell the story that you want to tell. Click here to get started with Viviscape.

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