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Storytelling with 3D Modeling

Are you looking for a better way to express your brand's story? Read this article to see if 3D modeling is right for you.

Storytelling with 3D Modeling

News  Storytelling with 3D Modeling
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Apr 02, 2020 01:12 PM

Marketing your brand correctly can be the difference in making or breaking your business. Online brand storytelling is imperative to creating visibility for your brand. Video Storytelling is appealing to your audience because it can be simultaneously entertaining and informative. People can process videos faster than they can process text. 3D models are important for visual brand storytelling. 3D models give you tools that no other form of storytelling can, allowing you to clearly articulate your ideas.


3D modeling is a computer technique used to create a digital representation of any object or surface. 3D models can be used in animation or as a physical model for a presentation through 3D printing or scanning. Animation uses 3D models for character animation or special effects. You can incorporate your brand logo or colors into your 3D model and create print ready illustrations, posters, market research, focus groups, and more.  When creating a 3D model, artists usually start with a simple shape which they manipulate by using various tools to change the vertices of the shape. Artists can define the joints of any shape in order to make the object match your brand or product. Artists often use mirroring techniques in order to build symmetrical models. If you are looking to use your 3D model for a physical presentation you can choose to 3D print, scan, or sculpt your model. 3D printing can be a tedious process, but you will end up with a 3D model that represents your precise vision. On the other hand, 3D scanning or sculpting is faster but less exact. Artists often use programs such as photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, and Final Cut Studio to create 3D models.


With 3D modeling, you can tell a more detailed version of your brand’s story. You can use 3D models in 3D animated promotional videos, which will attract customers to your website and bring you visibility on the internet. 3D modeling and 3D animation can be used for explainer videos, informational videos, and videos that tell the history of your brand. Telling your story with 3D animation can appear more realistic than 2D animation which can sometimes appear cartoonish. You want the story of your brand to include the story of your current products as well as new products you want to launch.  3D modeling can be used to demonstrate your new products. For instance, engineers and architects use 3D modeling to plan out their design work. 3D modeling can be used across a variety of mediums including video games, movies, illustrations, and commercial advertisements. CGI photorealism can make your 3D model match real life, making it easy to mix with live action footage.


3D modeling is also helpful in the preproduction or storyboarding phase of telling your brand’s story. If you have an idea for a product, instead of wasting time and money making a prototype, a 3D model can explain your idea or concept to your customers. This gives you the opportunity to listen to any feedback your clients, customers, or investors may have on your new product before you pour time and money into building a prototype. It also allows you or your team to develop ideas without needing the approval of a manager to send the product into production.


3D models can easily be manipulated into any shape that your brand requires. This means that you can easily adjust your model if necessary. For instance, you can edit your 3D model to reflect holiday branding with just a few little tweaks, whereas if you used photographs to help tell your brand’s story you would waste time and money with reshoots. Since 3D models are digital, you will be able to tinker with your model until it accurately represents your product. The adjustability of 3D models leaves you more room to make mistakes or change your mind about the representation of your product or brand with little to no additional cost.


3D models will help you make the jump from pen to screen. Creating a 3D model will help you articulate your visions to your potential clients. You can invite your audience to understand your in-design process through 3D animation. This will help you establish loyalty with your customers. With 3D modeling, you can offer your customers an immersive experience where they can try your product virtually before they buy it. If you are a realtor, you can have your clients walk through a life size 3D model of your property. If you have your own clothing store, you can provide your clients with a virtual dressing room. 3D models will provide you with a highly detailed representation of your product which is necessary for your customers to understand how your product works.


Storytelling with 3D modeling is a big journey to embark on. Viviscape will help you have a sharp competitive edge in your field by developing 3D models that will help sell your vision. Together we can help you tell the story that you want to tell. Click here to get started with Viviscape.

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