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Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages

Are you looking for an effective way to spread the word about your business? Read this article to find out how squeeze pages and landing pages could help your business or brand.

Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages

News  Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages
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Oct 12, 2019 05:25 AM


I know you're asking yourself what is a Squeeze Page? Isn't it just a website?  The answer would be no.  As squeeze page is a page that focuses on specific action from the person visiting a page on desktop or mobile device.  Squeeze pages are designed to capture opt-in email, subscribers, or close the deal on a product or service.  The best way to explain it is by putting into a story to relate too.

You made your business from the thing you love. Whether that thing is teaching algebra to struggling students, baking blueberry cream cheese muffins, or developing applications for music lovers, you want to share what you love with the world. Passion created your business, but now you want to bring visibility to what you do and spread the word so that other people can love it too. You want to share your voice and your story across the world with people who can benefit from your company. Where do you even begin to make yourself visible to a wider audience? How do you put your product, company, or service in front of your target audience?

The internet provides a platform that connects to people all over the world, but how can you make yourself seen on a platform that is cluttered with tons of information? Providing information directly to your target audience is key. You could start with an email campaign to put your product on the screens of your potential customers. An advantageous advertising method that can enhance your email campaign is landing pages. The purpose of landing pages is to provide you with information to better market your product to your audiences such as the emails, names, and addresses of your potential consumers. It is important that landing pages have a headline that is a Call to Action (CTA), an offer, a validation of the offer, and a button phrase that emphasizes the CTA.

 A call to action means giving your audience an opportunity to participate in your new business venture. You can achieve this by asking them to claim their offer or click to find out more about your product or service. You are giving your customers an opportunity to take an interest in what you love. This CTA should be included in your headline to grab your audience’s attention. On your landing page, you should include an offer, which is a small taste of the services or product you provide in exchange for consumer information. An offer can be a free explanatory video about algebra, or a free coupon to your bakery, or a free trial for your metronome app that helps musicians keep in time. It is then important to validate your offer, to assure your audience that your offer is genuine and that they will be receiving something valuable from it. You must remind your audience that this is more than a fair exchange. On your landing page, you will have a button phrase that emphasizes the call to action that your consumer must take to get this offer.

Some landing pages provide information about your product, highlighting why consumers who share your passion should choose to purchase your product or service. Landing pages usually have a form for consumers to submit their information. However, if you want to be to the point with your marketing, you might want to try squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are a simpler type of landing page with the sole goal of obtaining consumers’ names and emails.  They usually come in the form of popups or in the middle of blogs or articles, though sometimes they do have a page of their own. Squeeze pages focus on one product or service that you are selling instead of the entirety of your business platform. They ask your clients, “Do you want this product? Does this product interest you? Do you want to learn more about this product? “

It is important to have both broader landing pages and squeeze pages as a part of your advertising campaign so you can provide your consumers with information about your product or service once you grab their attention with a Squeeze page. Landing and squeeze pages work because they are informative, easy to read, and easy to share. We know you love your product and your product is good because you love it, but the rest of the world won’t know about you or your product until you tell them your story. Furthering your email campaigns with landing and squeeze pages will help spread your love of what you do all over the world. It will boost your business and feed your passion.



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