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Motion Graphics Can Help You Tell Your Story

Are you looking for a better way to share your brand's story? Read this article to find out how motion graphics can help you.

Motion Graphics Can Help You Tell Your Story

News  Motion Graphics Can Help You Tell Your Story
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Mar 31, 2020 02:33 AM

With all the noise that exists on the internet, it’s hard to grab your target audience’s attention. An important part of brand storytelling is motion graphics. Motion graphics are a subsection of animation that focuses on giving movement to a graphic element. Motion graphics can be referred to as animated info graphics.


Motion graphics will add to the multi-sensory stimulation of your video. It’s important that your video is both informative and entertaining. Adding motion to charts and graphs that reflect information about your brand can make otherwise boring data fun, engaging, and eye-catching. Motion graphics are often used to sell a product. However, they can also be used for a wide variety of other purposes such as training videos. Spice up a meeting about fire safety by having the fire hydrant spray water or spice up a meeting about budgeting by making a chart where the bars move. Additionally, motion graphics can be used to bring your logo to life which will make it more memorable to your customers. An animator can take your logo and move it in a way that best represents your brand.


Abstract ideas can be hard to put into words or text on your website. However, motion graphics give you the ability to express your ideas simplistically. Show your product to your customers in a way that would not otherwise be possible. Show them how your product works by using a simplistic model of the interior of your product. Put images, symbols, or text in motion to bring your branded content to the next level.


You can make informational videos, logo graphics, and more with motion graphics. Feel free to mix motion graphics with other types of animation. Most people will use both in informational videos. Animation will give your story character and motion graphics will deliver valuable information to your audience. Motion graphics will allow your audience to interact with and remember your brand. When you put motion graphics in a video, it is more likely to be shared on social media, having your audience do your work for you.


Storytelling with motion graphics is a big journey to embark on. Viviscape can help you along that journey by creating motion graphics that clearly articulate your brand. Together we can help you tell the story that you want to tell. Click here to get started with Viviscape.

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