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Mobile Apps Connecting Your Customers to Your Business

Are you wondering if your business needs to connect with your customers through mobile apps? Learn about the benefits of making you and your customers happier by adding value to the palm of their hands.

Mobile Apps Connecting Your Customers to Your Business

News  Mobile Apps Connecting Your Customers to Your Business
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Dec 08, 2020 05:13 AM

Mobile Apps Connecting Your Customers to Your Business

Are you using mobile apps as a utility to connect your customers to your brand?


For years, mobile apps were cost-prohibitive features that only big box retailers and corporations could afford. However, mobile apps for small- and medium-businesses are now more accessible and affordable.


Mobile apps provide a variety of ways to give your customers the connection they are looking for to your products and services. In this article, we will discuss the following benefits of mobile apps:

• Increase your customer base

• Streamline and simplify the order process

• Allow your customers the ability to find your products or services faster

• Increase engagement with push notifications

• Increase content engagement


Increase Your Customer Base

Consumer use of mobile apps is at a record high nowadays. Is your company keeping up with this trend? If not, you could be missing out on the important benefits a mobile app has to offer like building your contact list.


If your customers respond well to the mobile app, you could enjoy higher profits and a greater bond with your customers. Referrals are golden, and mobile apps have become an ideal thoroughfare of Internet commerce.


To connect better with customers, keep in mind these four points when designing your app:


1. Make sure your app solves the customer’s problem. Customers are more likely to download your app if it touches on a concern they have and especially if it solves their problem. Think about ways to solve problems pertaining to your customer’s industry. When they see your business as a problem solving resource, then you’ll be seen as a trusted source and go-to company. That’s one of the best ways to obtain and keep loyal customers.


2. Offer something that a website cannot. Mobile websites are great, but they’re just websites. Think about what features your mobile app can offer that will be valuable to customers. Remember, the more often your customers use your app, the more top-of-mind your company will be.


3. Save your customer’s time. Time is our most valuable resource. After all, we can never get it back. So, if your app can do something that will save a customer’s time, it will be a valuable one indeed. Also, keep this in mind with your mobile app’s development. Apps that are convenient to use save the customer’s time and help along the sale cycle, too.


4. Present exclusive offers via your mobile app only. For example, you’ve probably received offers from pizza delivery companies, offering mobile-only offers if you download the app. That’s a great way to encourage your customers to download and use your app. This is a highly effective way to increase your customer base and stay top-of-mind every time the customer looks at their phone.


Streamline and Simplify the Order Process

Purchase order automation is one of the most powerful features of professionally designed mobile order apps. By streamlining the quoting and ordering processes, a mobile app can increase sales by at least three-fold. For instance, a restaurant with an app that automates the food ordering process will see a boost in orders and in-app purchases. This goes for retail and virtually any product-based business. A mobile app can also be a great way to improve employee engagement by using in-app scheduling software that notifies employees of their work schedules and company updates.


Increase Your Product’s Discoverability

Creating a mobile app for your company will increase your company’s chances of being discovered by customers. Americans spend on average more than two hours a day on their smartphones and mobile devices. When your company app is downloaded on their phone, your brand stays top-of-mind each time they swipe on their phone screen. It may seem that your app is going unnoticed; however the customer’s mind is unconsciously recording every image and app icon along the way. So, your brand is sure to be discovered and it’s a daily reminder to customers that you’re there to solve their problems.

Increase Engagement With Push Notifications


Did you know that push notification open rates are round 90% or greater? 


Compared to email marketing (about 30% open rate), push notification open rates show how mobile apps are becoming the number one way to connect with customers. If you were to add a referral program to the mix, you could encourage your customers to bring you new clients, too. So, before you dismiss the power of those pop-up notifications on your phone or mobile device, remember the open rates for push notifications are phenomenal.


Increase Content Engagement

A mobile app is a great medium for delivering updated information about your company and products. You can deliver this information instantly to their phone or mobile device. Keeping your customers informed is essential to staying relevant in the mobile online market. You can also use an app to educate your customers about new promotions and free trials.


Because the app is on their phone, you’ll stay top-of-mind each time they open their phone screen. They won’t have to search for information about your products, because it will all be within the tap of their finger. On a mobile app, you can instantly share blog articles as well as up-to-date information about company changes that may affect customers like a change in hours of operation.



As you can see, mobile apps are invaluable to any small- to medium-business looking for a boost in sales and more exposure on the market. With your own company mobile app, you can deliver instant updates and information to your customers as well as promotions, loyalty programs, and special sales.


If you choose to create a mobile app for your company, make sure it’s professionally done. Test it before you launch it. Nothing angers customers more than to download a defunct app.


Viviscape creates mobile apps for small businesses and also offers a versatile tool for creating your company mobile app. Flytrap brings organic traffic to your brand. Try Flytrap with our free trial.

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