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Important Tips for Securing Your Smartphone

Securing personal information is important.

Important Tips for Securing Your Smartphone

News  Important Tips for Securing Your Smartphone
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Sep 20, 2018 06:20 PM

Important Tips for Securing Your Smartphone
The increased usage of smartphones to do business, bank and shop have increased dramatically. Most often these tasks are being done in public or on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Also, more third-party apps continue to be downloaded which increase malware gaining access to your smartphone. The following security tips can help protect your phone from these attacks and in the process give you wellbeing and peace of mind.

  • Always protect your devices with passwords. Use fingerprint or lock code setting for ultimate phone security. 
  • Set up remote wipe allowing you to remotely wipe all data if your smartphone is lost or stolen.
  • Use a VPN service to secure device when using unsecured public Wi-Fi.
  • Disable automatic Wi-Fi connections and only connect to trusted networks. 
  • Please research apps before downloading them
  • Download apps from trusted sources on Google Play and the Apple Store. 
  • Update and download your devices security updates when you are notified.
  • Be sure to always wipe or secure data before recycling or selling a device.

Changing and implementing the above-listed strategies on your phones is a step to increasing your wellbeing when using all your devices. The simple task of changing some of your phone's settings can prevent the possibility of losing all of your data which leads to identity theft and loss of secured credit and banking information. 

Many of the identity theft problems with phones are from the user's lack of understanding the importance of keeping smartphones secured at all times. Continuing to educate yourself on how to use your devices securely is the best way to prevent possible breaches of your personal information.

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