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HR Solutions

Are you looking for an easier way to manage HR files? Read this article to see what software Helena uses to help her HR department.

HR Solutions

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Dec 07, 2019 07:34 PM

The more Helena’s wine company grew, the harder it became to manage her employees' files. Helena decided to create an HR department, but even with an HR staff, Helena found herself collecting a lot of paperwork that was cluttering her office. Lucy, who was on Helena’s marketing team, was moving across the country in a few weeks, which meant Helena had to take Lucy off email chains and delete any access Lucy had to company accounts. Meanwhile, Helena’s hiring team looked for someone to take Lucy’s place and gathered the necessary new hire paperwork.

Helena was feeling overwhelmed by this process and decided to purchase an HR software to help make this process easier. There are two HR software that Helena researched. The first HR software she looked at was Rippling, which is $7 a month. Rippling unifies all of Helena’s HR systems into one, so that shift management, paychecks, and work policies can all be found in one place. With Rippling, Helena can instantly disable or add employees to her company's accounts. Rippling offers Helena a software that combines HR with IT. The IT part of the software makes sure that Helena’s passwords are protected and manages devices that have access to Helena’s business accounts. Helena can search for employees by location, department, and more to grant employees access to specific accounts. Helena is interested in creating wine from different grapes around the world, so she is happy that Rippling makes it easy to pay employees that are overseas. When Helena hires Jeremy to replace Lucy, Jeremy is able to request time off and view his pay stubs online.

The second software that Helena researched was HR Direct, which is $90 a year per app. What appealed to Helena most about HR Direct is their Poster Guard 1 app. HR Direct’s Poster Guard 1 app helps Helena stay updated on labor laws. Poster Guard 1 will ship laminated posters with required work regulations. Helena also likes that HR Direct has pre-written policies that she can choose from and customize to create a work environment that lines up with Helena’s vision for a safe, welcoming, and productive work environment. Helena is also happy that HR Direct allows her to monitor and add new policies as concerns are raised by employees. It is important to Helena that her employees know and understand company policies, with HR Direct she can check that her employees have viewed newly issued policies.

No matter which software Helena chooses she know that these HR solutions will eliminate clutter and the time-consuming process of digging for her employees’ files. Both software will store her employees data and have easy ways to keep her employees’ information updated. This saves Helena the hassle of managing her employee’s so she has more time to focus on the aspects of her business that she really loves.



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