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How video branding changed Miranda's landscape design business

Read this article to find out how you can promote the brand of your business through video content.

How video branding changed Miranda's landscape design business

News  How video branding changed Miranda's landscape design business
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Oct 30, 2019 04:21 AM

Miranda is a self-employed landscape designer. Miranda knew that to grow her company she needs to get the word out about her gardening expertise and her low rates. Miranda was especially interested in expanding her client base to young families that are moving into new homes. Miranda decided the best way to grow her client base is through branding her business by using video. Video branding was a powerful way for Miranda to share her narrative about how when she started her company Miranda held client meetings in her parents’ basement. Video branding allowed her to appeal to a younger audience. She noticed this right after her first video was uploaded, that people were spending more time on her website viewing her portfolio. She felt video branding allowed her to connect with her clients on a personal level and give her more control over her narrative.

Since her first video was so successful, Miranda decided to create another video, using aerial drone footage to capture her beautiful landscapes. Aerial drone footage allowed Miranda to get unique footage at a distance to capture landscaping from a bird’s eye view.  Miranda was excited to show off her new uniquely designed decks and gardens. Her clients will now be able to see how Miranda creates her designs to match the landscape of the house with the taste of her clients.

Not only has aerial footage show off Miranda’s skills, but it also allowed her clients to go on an adventure and really get a feel for Miranda’s landscaping from the comfort of their home. Aerial footage has been used in movies for a long time to draw audiences into the setting of the movie, whether that be a pirate ship, or a jungle, or New York City. However, with drone technology it is cheaper than ever to capture these wonderful shots, making it possible for small businesses, such as Miranda’s landscaping business, to use this same technique to draw audiences into their story. Miranda uses her Aerial footage to transport her clients to the landscapes of their dream. This enables Miranda to tell the story of her love and passion for landscaping, captivating audiences to buy her services so that their property could look as beautiful as the pictures Miranda has captured with her drone footage.

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