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How to Gain Leads and Increase Sales with Simple Video Marketing Techniques

Do you use video as a marketing tool for your business? If not, maybe you should consider it. This article examines the power of video in your marketing strategy and how to implement a simple video marketing plan for your business.

How to Gain Leads and Increase Sales with Simple Video Marketing Techniques

News  How to Gain Leads and Increase Sales with Simple Video Marketing Techniques
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Aug 18, 2021 12:00 AM

Marketing strategies evolve as the tools and technology of the industry change. This includes video marketing. Video marketing has become the number one way to market your product and services online. But how do you use video in your marketing strategy?

What is video marketing?

According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Complete Forecast, about 80% of all online traffic is video. So, it's no wonder why marketing teams are intensely focused on creating, curating, and using videos to market their products. Video is the simplest way to keep your target audience engaged with your brand. The implications are huge!

For example, a study from Cisco shows that internet users who watch online videos are twice as likely to purchase online than those who don't view video content. What’s more, the average attention span of video viewers is 8 seconds - compared to less than 4 seconds for people reading hardcopy text.

The point is that video marketing helps your brand grab and hold the attention of your target market, which in turn can lead to increased conversions.

Simple Techniques Work

Video doesn't have to be complicated either. You don't need to use expensive software or tons of resources to create an engaging and informational video. You can use YouTube's free video editing software to create something that is of professional quality. You can even add music from YouTube to help keep your audience engaged.

Video marketing is more than just sales.

Video marketing is about more than just selling products. It's also about creating a valuable resource for your target market that they can access whenever needed.

For example, if you run a business where people make frequent inquiries or require a lot of support, consider creating an informational video to assist them. This can reduce the number of support tickets you receive and provide your customer with a valuable resource.

Social Media Marketing Meets Video

Video and social media go hand-in-hand in delivering a powerful punch when used as a primary component of your marketing strategy. It quenches the audience's desire to know everything they need about your product and how it can solve their problem. Video satisfies the short attention span of today's online customers. No one wants to wade through pages of content and FAQs when they can simply view a 5-minute explainer video.

Some social media platforms you can use with video are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Snapchat

  • YouTube

Think about how often people use social media each week. According to Statista, the average American spends 2 hours and 3 minutes a day using social media. Do you see the potential? Videos are both entertaining, engaging, and educational. The viewer comes away from your video feeling that they learned something of value. If you can do that, it will go a long way to solidify your credibility with your audience.

Overall, the best strategy is to have a video presence across all popular social media platforms. If you're on YouTube, then you'll want to focus on additional visual marketing via Instagram and Facebook as well. 

Ask yourself these questions: How can I use video to get people’s attention? How can I use it to start conversations with my audience on relevant topics? What video content can I create that is valuable enough for them to share, comment, or react to?

No matter your answer, you'll be better positioned to engage with potential customers, leaving them confident about making a purchase. Video is the key ingredient in any marketing plan, and it doesn't take much time or money to create a professional video that will help grow your business.

3 Types of Business Videos

Below are the three main types of business videos:

1. Educational Videos for Your Business

Educational videos are the easiest to create because they follow a pattern. Regardless of whether they're for information or entertainment, the patterns are always the same. You create a script that tells people how to do something, and you follow it step by step in a video. It's very simple.

These types of videos have been used for years to teach people in classrooms, but they are also effective in business. They can show people how to install products or even how they work. This saves your customers time.

2. Promotional Videos for Your Business

Promotional videos are very different from educational ones, and many businesses don't see that. These types of videos have a completely different script that is centered solely on the company. These videos promote new products or even give location info and hours of operation. This video type is perfect for letting the audience know about product updates, patches, and promotional events.

Creating a promotional video is more complex than an educational one because you have to come up with something that catches people's attention.

3. Informational Videos for Your Business

Informational videos are based on the educational video format, but often they end up being either boring or too talkative. In the movie industry, screenwriters are warned not to write "talking head" scenes, and for a good reason. When it comes to compelling business videos, the script cannot fill in for acting.

When you have a script, use it as the underlying story. Keep it based on an idea or action that someone is taking. For example, instead of having someone talk about how you need to use your product, make it more interesting by showing someone actually using it.

Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and ask yourself if it’s interesting. If you can’t get into the video, then no one else will either.

Video Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

It’s entirely possible to create a viral lead-generating video without hiring a team of video professionals or investing in expensive video editing tools. Your customers are probably already used to seeing videos from your competitors. So why not use video as a way to stand out? Below are some tips for creating videos for your business.

Tips for Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

So how can you use video effectively in your marketing efforts? There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are some guidelines that should help you get started:

Be Memorable

When you make a video, it should be easy for your customers to recall. Think about the videos that have gone viral in recent years. They're typically straightforward and memorable. So how can your video achieve that?

Be Brief

Keep it short! YouTube encourages a maximum of 90 seconds for standalone videos.

Be Relevant

The video content should align with what is on your website as well as the search query. Your video should be among the best search results when a customer searches for a topic, such as installing a new faucet. Provide the answers to their questions or problems, and do it as quickly as possible. 

Be Proactive

Also, make sure the sound quality is top-notch before publishing a how-to video. So many great explainer videos go by the wayside due to poor sound issues. Test your videos before publishing!

Be Optimized

Include relevant keywords. If your company sells products and services for drivers in Chicago, include some of these words in the title and description of your video.

Be Interactive

Including interactive elements within a video can increase the likelihood that customers will share the video. Try asking viewers to comment on what they think of your product or specific topics. People most likely will engage. Invite them to engage. You'll learn even more about your target audience by doing so.

YouTube Tips

Differentiate Your Titles

The title of the video matters. In SEO terms, titles, known as metadata. When you have several videos on YouTube with similar names, it can be difficult for customers to find the exact video they want.

Include your URL in the description. The description is another way to include metadata and help customers find your company or website more easily.

Enjoy the Journey! Remember that you don't have to be a professional videographer or even own expensive video editing software to create a viral video. This is your chance to try something new, and remember that engagement matters most. If it's compelling, authentic, relevant, and interactive, then you can win with video marketing.

Encourage your customers to share it. The more shares you have of your video, the better chance of reaching potential customers through search engine results.

If you need help with your video marketing strategy, consider contacting Viviscape for assistance. We have a highly skilled marketing team and professional videographers on hand to help you incorporate high-quality video into your marketing strategy.


Here is a short list showing, not limited to, services that we provide in Visual Effects:

  • Graphic Animations

  • Motion Graphics

  • 3D Modeling

  • Educational Videos

  • Promotional Videos

  • Informational Videos

  • Video Editing

  • Audio Editing

  • Drone Aerial Photography + Videography

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach your customer and build trust with them. Our team at Viviscape can help you develop a video content strategy that will work for your company, no matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business. Contact us today, and we'll discuss how we can make it easier for you to capture more leads online!



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