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How Corporate Videos can Help Get Your Brand Noticed

Are you struggle to get your brand noticed by more viewers? Read this article to find out about how corporate videos, such as Talking Head and Testimonial videos, could help you.

How Corporate Videos can Help Get Your Brand Noticed

News  How Corporate Videos can Help Get Your Brand Noticed
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May 07, 2020 10:44 AM

Video storytelling marketing is important for making your brand visible. You want your brand to be able to emotionally connect to your audience. You want your customers to remember you. Corporate videos such as Talking Head or Testimonial videos are an effective way to make your brand visible. Using Testimonial or Talking Head videos will help you connect with your audience by bringing a face to your brand.


Talking Head videos are corporate videos that feature a subject, who talks directly into the camera and is interviewed on their expertise of the product or service that your company delivers. A good Talking Head video is filmed with multiple cameras to offer multiple perspectives. Using B-roll in your Talking Head video will also help keep your audience’s attention. You can use B-roll to capture the atmosphere of your office space or show the production of your product. B-roll will invite your audience into the everyday lives of your workers, making them feel welcome and establishing transparency within your company and trust with your customers. It’s also important to include multiple viewpoints in your video. This will keep your audience’s interest and establish credibility for your brand. Feel free to add animation about stats or facts.

Testimonial videos are a type of Talking Head video that focuses on utilizing employees or satisfied customers to endorse your brand.  It’s good to interview your staff for testimonial videos so that they can take ownership of your brand. This will also help build trust with your employees and encourage them to stay with your company. It will make your employees feel like they are part of the solution that your company provides to its customers. Testimonial videos give your brand a face, humanizing your brand and making you more relatable to your customers. Make sure your videos have a targeted message that reels people in.


It’s important that your corporate videos create a story where your brand is the superhero and saves the day. You want a story that’s about more than a satisfied customer. You want your story to be about how your brand impacted and changed your customer’s life. Storyboarding will ensure that your final video tells a compelling story about your brand. It’s important to map out your story before filming. Make a loose plan of what you would like the exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution to be. The exposition in your corporate video should be an introduction to the subject or interviewee. The rising action will introduce the problem that your product or service will be a solution to in the climax of your story. The resolution is the final message you want to drive home to get viewers to buy your product. Storyboarding gives you an opportunity to have control over your message. You want to construct your interview questions in a way that will give you the most interesting response. Avoid asking yes or no questions to give your interviewee the opportunity to elaborate on their experience.

While it’s good to pre-plan and have a storyboard for your video, try to avoid over planning. Specifically, when it comes to Talking Head and Testimonial videos it is important that the final product feels organic and authentic. This is easier to accomplish if the content is not scripted and the interview questions are not rehearsed. It’s even recommended to not show your interview questions to your interviewee in advance, but rather make them aware of the type of topics you will be talking about. This will keep your interviewee prepared without giving them too much information that might cause them to come off as stiff or rehearsed. Treat the interview like a conversation.


The magic of editing will help your videos appear cohesive. If your interviewee stumbles on some words or takes a lot of pauses, you can simply edit these pauses and stumbles out of the footage. If your interviewee tends to give you long winded answers, you can edit the footage down to more digestible size clips. You can also ask your interviewee to shorten their answer, so you have multiple takes for the same question to choose one. You can rearrange your clips in post to better suit your story structure.


Well edited and storyboarded corporate videos will capture your audience attention and help them understand your products and services as well as your brand. Creating corporate videos, such as Talking Head or Testimonial videos, is a big journey to embark on. Viviscape will help you create corporate videos that will effectively communicate your brand, vision, and product or services to your audience. Together we can help you tell the story that you want to tell. Click here to get started with Viviscape.


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