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Email Marketing: Why Email Blasts Are Not Enough

Sending out direct and transactional (triggered by an action) emails are one of the most powerful marketing tools in the industry. Learn more about how email marketing can bring traffic to your website and grow leads.

Email Marketing: Why Email Blasts Are Not Enough

News  Email Marketing: Why Email Blasts Are Not Enough
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Jun 30, 2021 12:00 AM

Everyone is familiar with email marketing. You receive it everyday in your inbox. However, the emails that go by the wayside are the emails you don’t want to replicate in your own business. You want customers to notice your message and act upon it. 

Email marketing seems like such an easy concept. It can be, but it’s difficult to hone in on the right audience with the right message. That’s why having an experienced marketing agency on your side helps. Persuasive emails hit the target, and they generate interest in your product or service. Without a persuasive message and visually attractive graphics, your email marketing campaign will fall flat. Let’s take a deep dive into what is involved in email marketing and how it can help your business.

Businesses use email marketing to do the following:

  • To generate traffic to your site
  • To get the word out about promotions and sales
  • To stay top-of-mind
  • To communicate changes in your business or products
  • To announce company news
  • To highlight company activities
  • To show off positive customer reviews and testimonials
  • To link to case studies and statistics
  • To build loyalty and brand awareness
  • To keep and enhance relationships with current customers
  • To increase customer loyalty and build a legion of repeat customers

Direct emails are a cheap and fast way to get your message out-- far better than traditional snail mail.You can use an email service provider (ESP) to gather behavioral data about the recipients. These insights let you know how your customers respond to the emails and what they do with them. This helps businesses understand customer behavior and know where to tweak the marketing campaign for better outcomes.

When you begin to plan your email marketing strategy, think about the types of emails you will send.

Transactional emails are sent according to the customer’s relationship or previous actions with your company. These emails could notify the customer that their package is on the way, or that their purchase is complete. These are emails that are triggered by an action.

You’ve probably received the dropped basket or abandoned cart emails that you receive when you leave a purchase in progress. Maybe you decided to abandon the shopping cart because you ran out of time or thought the price was too high. These messages have become very popular in the email marketing world because they work and are based on a lot of data to back up their effectiveness.

Abandoned cart emails have high open rates (45% and up) which is higher than those of email newsletters. This is an opportunity to continue the relationship or re-spark the relationship with the customer. It’s also a great way to upsell and cross-sell your other products and services.

Direct emails on the other hand are more exact in their purpose. These are the salesy ones that introduce a product or service and present promotions or sales. These are solely meant to be promotional in nature.

Email newsletter software can sometimes be expensive. These email vendors offer transactional support for your email marketing needs. This gives you the ability to add promotional messages and images within the template they provide. They can also provide customer behavior data which is helpful in molding your email marketing campaign for better effectiveness and reach. Viviscape can do all of this and more for your email marketing needs. We even provide a free tool for email marketing and other marketing services. Check out FlyTrap!


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