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Custom Websites for Animators

Are you a freelance animator looking for a better way to show off your work? Read this article to find out how a custom website could benefit your freelance business.

Custom Websites for Animators

News  Custom Websites for Animators
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Nov 28, 2019 02:07 AM

The best way to sell any goods and services is by creating a custom website. Especially if you are a freelance animator, it is important that you have a website that displays your work and tells a story about who you are as an artist. Potential clients want to see that you have the imagination and creative ability to make their work come to life. People want to know who you are as an artist to make sure that you’re the right person who can help their vision come to life.

It is most important that you display a portfolio of your past work on your website. Your past work will demonstrate your range, whether you have worked on commercials, music videos, or with 2D, or 3D animation. It will also let your potential clients evaluate your style so that they can decide if you are the right fit for them. Make your customers aware of your skillset and upload test videos for different elements of animation to prove that you are willing to try new things and step outside of the box.

A website is also an important tool for freelance animators because you want to be as accessible to your clients as possible. Make sure that your contact information is readily available. You don’t want inaccessibility to be a reason that you weren’t hired. It also helps to show your pricing on your website. The more clients understand what they would be getting by hiring you the better chance you have of being hired.

Clients want to know a little bit about you before they hire you. If they can connect with you on a personal level, then they know that you will understand their project that they want to bring to life. Make sure you display a bio on your homepage to tell a story about your artistic journey and a little bit about where you’re from. Make sure your passion for animation is apparent in your bio. Clients want to know that you love what you do.

An eye-catching website will prove to your client that you have good tastes. You don’t want your website to look generic or boring. The best option for you would be to build a custom website. Make sure every aspect of your website has a little bit of you in it. If clients know who you are and what your talent brings to their project, it will be impossible for them not to hire you.

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