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Best Navigational Apps for your Traveling Needs

Are you looking for the best navigational app to get you and your employees to meeting without getting lost. Read this article to see what navigational apps we recommend.

Best Navigational Apps for your Traveling Needs

News  Best Navigational Apps for your Traveling Needs
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Jan 19, 2020 02:35 AM

Businesses that have a lot of travel involved need a smart way to navigate driving long distances and exploring new cities. Fortunately, there are a plethora of navigational web applications that can help you with your daily business travels. However, different apps offer different travel tools. Are you looking to avoid bumper to bumper traffic and toll roads? Are you looking for downloadable maps that you can use offline? Below are a few popular navigational apps that are worth looking into.

Google Maps

Google Maps is probably one of the most popular navigation apps. This is because Google updates their map frequently, which covers 220 countries and territories. Part of the reason Google Maps is so popular is because its interface is intuitive and easy to use. Google Maps gives you the option of navigating by walking, biking, driving, flying, or by using public transportation. The flying option allows you to browse and purchase flights that will get you to your destination on time through Google Maps. With the driving option, Google Maps can provide alternative routes for your destination to avoid tolls or traffic. The app also shows you live traffic while you travel, which is color coded depending on how back up the roads are. Google Maps allows you to download apps of your chosen destination to use offline, if you are looking to save your data. You can also customize your offline maps before saving it to your device. Google Maps can also show you the best places to get gas, food, and parking. Google Maps tracks the places you visit so you can easily visit your favorite places again.


Waze is another popular navigation app that was recently bought out by Google. Similar to Google, Waze offers offline maps so you can use it without data. Waze is most known for its traffic data. Unlike Google, Waves data is community based, meaning it is collected by users of the app who report traffic jams, police locations, speed traps, and road hazards. The app works with Spotify so that you can easily change songs without losing your navigation map. If you are having a meeting and want to make sure your employees don’t get lost on the way to the location, you can track them by adding them as friends to your Waze account and seeing where they are on the map. Waze also offers a carpooling option which will connect you with people going in the same direction as you. With Waze you can send a report on traffic, police, accidents, hazards, gas prices, and map issues. In turn, your report will help other Waze users. Waze can also recommend gas stations and restaurants near you. You can also share your root with your friends and ask Waze to find you a root that avoids all tolls. Waze is also very customizable. You can change the navigation voice as well as the type of car you are driving from private to cab or electric. If you are looking for the best way to beat traffic than Waze is the way to go.

Maps. Me

Maps. Me gives you routes for walking, cycling, and driving. Maps. Me is primarily known for its offline maps and is considered one of Google’s largest competitors. Maps. Me stores your downloadable maps to cloud storage whereas Google deletes them after 30 days. This app also allows you to search navigation offline. You can set Maps. Me to calculate the minutes and miles that you have been driving. Similar to its competitor, Maps. Me offers traffic data. The app offers worldwide support and provides traffic data in 36 countries.  Maps. Me updates once or twice a month with open street maps. The app also provides several categories of recommendations near you such as, where to eat, ATMs, nightlife, banks, entertainment, pharmacies, hospitals, police stations, and toilets. Maps. Me is offered with travel guides so you can get the best experience out of the place that you are exploring. A perk of the walking and cycling option of the Maps. Me app is that it displays if you are walking up hill or downhill. Another aspect that Maps. Me is known for is it incredibly detailed map. It’s map also includes POI or point of interest. If you are looking to book a hotel you can book straight from the app which uses


One of the main perks of the Here WeGo app is that it will tell you the precise traffic in each lane of the highway as you drive. HERE WeGo has offlines apps for over 100 countries, which you can download to save your cellphone battery as well was your data.  The app also offers you several alternatives routes to get you to your destination and offers maps for getting taxis and public transportation. HERE We Go is connected with Lyft so you can book your ride right on the HERE WeGo app. The app can also track the distance your car travels and how much time it takes to get you there.

There are many different types of navigational apps out there. Finding the right navigational app that works for you and your employees could save you time by getting you to your destination faster without getting lost.

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