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Benefits of Your Company Having a Mobile App

Are you looking for a way for your company to stand out from its competitors. Read this article to find out how a mobile app could benefit you.

Benefits of Your Company Having a Mobile App

News  Benefits of Your Company Having a Mobile App
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Jan 25, 2020 06:14 AM

As a new business, you want clients to not only notice your company but to remember who you are once their eyes leave your website. A valuable marketing tool for many businesses is web apps. Mobile apps are a great way to stay connected to your client’s lives. Below are some of the advantages of creating a mobile app for your company.

1. Get Noticed

While the web makes it easier to reach millions of people around the world, it makes it harder to be noticed among thousands and thousands of other corporations. The average American spends two hours a day looking at their phones. Research shows that when people are on their phones, they spend most of their time looking at apps as supposed to web browsing. Since this increase in mobile usage, a mobile presence has become more and more important for small businesses to invest in. People spend even more time looking at their phones than watching TV. All research shows that the largest pool of potential customers can be found through mobile apps. Mobile apps are the best way to get people’s attention. Not only will you successfully be seen, but once customers download your app, they will see your icon any time they are browsing through apps on their phones.

2. Interact with Your Customers

Another major perk of having your own mobile app is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers on a more personal level.  When a customer chooses to put your app on their mobile device they are committing to your company. You can attract customers to your app by offering coupons and deals when they use the app, which will further give them the incentive to look at the app more. This will make your customers feel noticed. Mobile apps also give you the opportunity to reach your customer base on a global level.

3. Give Your Customers Information

Mobile apps are good at spreading information. Use push notifications to remind your customers about your product or services. Update your clients on what’s new with your business, whether you’re offering new sales, or hosting events to promote a product. Giving information to your client will help you build trust with them. Since your app is on your customer’s phone, it’s like you are giving information directly to them, rather than posting a website for whoever to see. Your app will make your client feel special.

4. Digital Rewards Programs

A major perk of having a mobile app for your company is that you can offer rewards programs. You don’t want your clients to suffer from paper cuts because they have to clip out your coupon. Emailing coupons end up lost in your customer’s inbox. However, a mobile app could store your customer’s promotions and coupons for your product all in one neat place. Whenever your customer clicks on your app they will see your promotions, which gives them an opportunity to see promotions multiple times. Having a mobile app, makes shopping easier and less time consuming for your customers. This will encourage your customers to shop more and worry less.

5. Be Attentive to Your Customers

Your business will only succeed if your customers are happy. Creating customer satisfaction requires for you to take an interest in what your customer wants. With a mobile app you can let your customers know that you care by asking for their reviews and feedback. Mobile apps will allow you to collect feedback in real-time so you can produce faster results for your customers. You can use the data from your customer's reviews to see what products or services are more successful than others and what areas your company might have to work on. Feedback is the most valuable information a customer can give you. However, being attentive to your customers also means being able to answer any of their questions. Having a mobile app will make it easy for you to respond to any questions your customer might have. You can include a help button on your app so that they can talk to a live person or include a Q&A page to cover the most common questions your customers tend to have.

6. Branding and Sales

Take the opportunity to use your app to highlight your brand. Tell your customers who you are as a company. A good app will improve your trust with your clients because it will give you a more professional appearance. Most people prefer using mobile apps because it’s faster and often cheaper than buying a product online. Apps can often be personalized to your customer’s needs. For instance, the app could remember your customer's favorite products that they were previously browsing. Research shows that 42% of sales are done by mobile app. Creating a mobile app gives your customers the choice to view your product on the go. Since most people browse while they’re on their way to work or waiting at the doctor’s office, having an app is essential to catch your customer's attention.

Mobile apps give your customer a literal call to action. It calls your customers to download your app and purchase your product. Don’t wait any longer to create your mobile app and get your product on the client’s mobile screens and in front of their faces.

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