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Alternatives to Microsoft Suite

Are you tired of paying a yearly subscription for Microsoft Word Suite? Read this article to discover several free alternatives to the Microsoft Suite

Alternatives to Microsoft Suite

News  Alternatives to Microsoft Suite
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Nov 22, 2019 04:11 AM

When Norah bought her new laptop, she bought a new subscription for virus protection. Her virus subscription is monthly like her Netflix subscription, Hulu subscription, and her new Disney+ subscription. Norah didn’t want to add to her annual subscriptions by getting Microsoft Office Suite for $69.99 a year. Norah decided to investigate Microsoft Suite alternatives, hoping to find something that suited her needs as a freelance writer, but also didn’t break her bank account.

First, she thought about using Google Suite. Google suite includes several Google Products, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Hang Outs, Google Calendar and more. Norah was attracted to this option because most of the services are free, and she can store her files with Google Cloud. Google Docs also offers real time collaboration and supports Microsoft Word Documents. However, Google Suite lacked the advanced features that she was looking for.

Next, she discovered WPS Office. WPS Office is also free and works on Windows, Linux, and Android. WPS office allowed Norah to work in a native Microsoft format, which made it easy for Norah to share files with her friends who have Microsoft Word. WPS Office also comes with a free PDF reader and supports the formatting of Word Documents. Norah also appreciated the simplicity of the program. However, she found the occasional ads distracting.

Norah also looked into Polaris Office. Polaris Office is available for Desktops with Windows, MacOS, and iOS. Norah liked that Polaris Office came with 1 GB of cloud storage space. It is compatible with Microsoft formats. Polaris office has basic customization options and an easy to use interface. Norah enjoyed using the 69 MB monthly data transfer to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive. Norah also had the option to save her work to her laptop’s hard drive. Polaris is free. However, Norah didn’t like that she had to pay for add-ons such as a PDF editor.


Then Norah found Libre Office. Out of all the Microsoft Suite options that Norah explored, Norah found that Libre Office had the most features. Libre Office contains six programs Writer, Calc, Draw, Math, and Base. Draw helps with vector diagrams, Math helps with mathematical functions, and Base helps with databases. Libre Office is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and has a clean easy to use interface with customizable options. Libre Office offers free additional extensions and templates. Norah also likes Libre Office’s export and import compatibility. Libre is able to offer all of these services to Norah and all of its users for free because it is produced by a worldwide community of developers. Meaning anyone can add and edit the program to make it better. Libre Office best suited Norah’s needs giving her the tools she wanted to write a good story.

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