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6 Most Important Members to Have on Your Marketing Team

Having the right types of people on your marketing can be challenging. Here are a 6 special ingredients necessary to for a successful marketing powerhouse.

6 Most Important Members to Have on Your Marketing Team

News  6 Most Important Members to Have on Your Marketing Team
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Oct 16, 2020 07:46 PM

The Types of People You Want on Your Marketing Team (strategist, designer, writer, video editor/animator, planner/organizer, social manager)

When you hire a marketing agency to handle your company’s marketing needs, you want to know whose hands you’ve entrusted your brand to. In this article, we’ll examine the most important roles in a marketing team.


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that adage doesn’t hold true in today’s marketing world where the appearance of a website and collateral is a huge factor in sales. When someone visits a website that looks “homemade,” they think the company is not experienced enough to handle the ever-changing technology of today. They’re most likely right if the marketing agency is using a rudimentary or simple design without some hint of technological sophistication. You don’t want that if your company is a software company or even a dentist office. Who wants to seem “behind the times” to their customers?

That’s why it’s important to have a skilled designer on the team who values the role as one that encourages conversion rates through their design. This is called conversion-rate optimization (CRO). So, design isn’t just about making websites look pretty, it’s also about encouraging and helping the user perform an action like filling out a form or buying a product.

Your marketing designer will create digital images and illustrations for websites, landing pages, and marketing collateral. A skilled marketing designer will know the best font, composition, and colors to use in creating a client site or app. They conceptualize, design, and implement graphic projects within budget for numerous clients. The designer develops and designs ad layouts as well as copy with images. This person ensures precision of outgoing artwork and is a critical player in brainstorming sessions. At Viviscape, our designers evaluate and analyze the entire layout of your website and landing pages.


A digital marketing strategist sets goals for the overall direction of a project like developing digital campaigns for increasing traffic to the client’s website. Tracking measurable outcomes like response, leads, sales, ROI, and retention are just the tip of the iceberg of duties that a marketing strategist performs each day. They research the market and identify prime marketing opportunities and forecast market trends.

Among the skills a strategist would need are:


  • Google Analytics

  • Time management skills

  • CRM software and content management system proficiency


Content writers are crucial to the success of client projects. You’ve heard the saying “Content is King.” It’s true alongside great design and strategy.

A content writer writes blog articles, website content, social media content, videos, white papers, and podcasts. The content is both internal and customer-facing for different levels of the sales funnel. The best content writers are master storytellers. They know the value of a good story and how to align that story with a client’s mission.

Video Editor/Animator

We all know the value of YouTube videos in today’s digital marketing arena. When you want to get your company message out there via YouTube, you want quality videography on your side. Impressions and valuable, helpful content are critical elements of a successful branding campaign. Your video editor manages media such as video footage, sound effects, graphics, and special effects. This key role determines the quality of the finished video product whether it’s for a commercial or internet-based media.

Advertising Account Planner/Organizer

Some of us are better at planning and organizing than others. Those who are blessed with good organizational skills improve the bottom line of any advertising campaign and are a crucial role on any marketing team. At Viviscape, we have excellent account planners who work with the clients and creative staff to ensure campaign strategies are targeted to the right audience. An excellent ad planner can pinpoint business problems and develop new ideas at the drop of a hat.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers manage the day-to-day operations of a client’s social media accounts by implementing and monitoring the client’s social media engagement with customers. Brand awareness should be first and foremost in a social media manager’s mind. They increase a client’s online presence, encourage engagement with customers, and improve sales efforts.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a breakdown of the main roles in a digital marketing agency, perhaps take a look at your internal marketing team and what roles your team may benefit in adding.

If you are looking for a full staffed agency that help you fill in your marketing gaps, take a look at ViviScape. We are here to help your help.

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