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3 Ways to Make Your Content Newsworthy

Does your content engage readers or fall flat? Without a newsworthy angle, your content is dead on arrival. This article examines 3 ways to make your content newsworthy.

3 Ways to Make Your Content Newsworthy

News  3 Ways to Make Your Content Newsworthy
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Aug 11, 2021 12:00 AM

What differentiates copywriting from other forms of copy? Copy is an umbrella term that includes any text written by a copywriter or digital marketing content writer. The copy may be used to advertise a product or service, inform customers about company policies and procedures, provide information about an event, announce the opening of a new office location, and so on. Newsworthy copy is ideal in this industry.

This article examines three ways to make your content newsworthy, whether you are writing blog articles or landing pages.

1. Make it Personal

People love to know how others in the industry are doing great things, and this is a way that copy is a useful tool for sharing this insider information with them. People are looking for other’s experiences to which they can relate. Let's say that your business sells personal care products. You could write about trends in hair coloring and share stories of clients who started growing their hair out.

When copywriting for a law firm, write about developments in general legal trends or your industry. If it's an accounting firm you're copywriting for, then write about tax season predictions from the IRS. Your clients will appreciate knowing what to expect, and it helps them get their businesses ready ahead of time.

Restaurants could write about the new food trends in the restaurant industry, especially since the pandemic. Talk about how certain foods are "hot" again, and share your favorite recipes. Your clients will want to follow these trends, and being ahead of them can be significant in attracting new customers.

2. Originality Reigns Supreme

You want to be the one doing the copywriting, not editing someone else's work. That's why you must come up with your original copy. After all, it's your voice that customers want to hear. Avoid copying others' work or rewriting it. This includes headlines and other bits of information that are commonly used all over the internet. You want your copy to be fresh, original, and engaging. Stand out from the competition by showcasing your originality and creativity.

3. Content Marketing + Copywriting

When writing copy for blog posts, remember that you are creating content - not just copy. Content is copy plus everything else around it, such as graphics and visuals. Make sure you write content optimized for search engines and keep in mind the person who might read your blog post. How clear is it to someone who might be in a hurry? Understanding the principles of copywriting will help you create copy that is clear, concise, and readable.

Writing your blog post as if you are writing content has many advantages. In the same way, copywriters understand how advertisements have changed over time; understanding copywriting can allow marketers to create more compelling copy. It will also give the copywriter a better sense of how copy should be written for blogs, as opposed to other forms of copywriting such as advertisements.

Remember, every sentence on your website must serve a purpose. Never create content for the sake of creating content. Instead, keep your content focused and value-driven to get readers hooked from the first word. If you're looking for some help with how best to leverage these principles or make them work harder for your business, let's chat! 

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