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3 Quick Ways to Build Links and Earn Them

Does your website have inbound links? Does your marketing strategy include backlinking? This article examines three ways to improve your backlink profile.

3 Quick Ways to Build Links and Earn Them

News  3 Quick Ways to Build Links and Earn Them
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Sep 02, 2021 12:00 AM

The internet is a vast place. And if you try to rank on Google, you need links from other websites to do it. If your website doesn't have any inbound links, there's no way for the search engines to find it. So what can you do? In this article, we discuss three ways to build quality links and earn them too!


Earning links is all about trustworthiness, promotion, and valuable content.


Link building is sometimes viewed negatively because of Google's reboot of Penguin and the subsequent penalization of some big-box companies. Some Google experts have (i.e., John Mueller) even suggested that it's a good idea to avoid it, but not all link building is bad.


In a Google Search Central SEO hangout on February 19th, Google's John Mueller emphasized focusing on quality links rather than quantity. He said the total number of backlinks a website had doesn't matter. It's the quality. If you have one good-quality backlink from a website relevant to yours, that is far better than hundreds of low-quality links.


A few years ago, Google's Penguin update downgraded websites engaged in black hat SEO tactics like manipulative link schemes and link farms. Google was focused on providing quality organic results to user queries, not spammy content and ads. So, they rolled out the Penguin update, which zeroed in on link schemes like purchasing backlinks from unrelated sites or low-quality ones.


Here are some tips for improving your website's standing with the Penguin:

  • Remove unnatural or unrelated links from irrelevant websites. This will improve your backlink profile.
  • Disavow the link if you have trouble getting rid of it.
  • Don't keyword stuff! This is unrelated to our discussion of backlinks, but the Penguin update also focused on ridding the internet of the old black hat tactic of keyword stuffing. No keyword is worth enough to validate keyword stuffing. You want to avoid such tactics because this can get your website penalized by Google.


Here are three ways you can help earn links:

Check out your competitor's backlink profile and strategy. 

Earning backlinks takes a lot of time and effort, especially if your website is new. Conducting some competitive backlink research can help you improve your website's keyword footprint and backlink profile. Examine your competitor's backlinks. What webpages and domains link to your competitor's site and blog? Look at competitive sites that use similar target keywords to your company's. This will give you a good starting point for finding relevant sites that may be good candidates for backlinking or creating a backlink partnership.

Promote your site. 

The best way to get people talking about you and sharing your content is by promoting it yourself. Start a blog, start an email newsletter, or join social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram if that's where your audience hangs out. Not only will this help spread the word about your site, but it will also help you grow your audience and boost traffic to the site.

Create great content that people love! 

Offer valuable content. If there's no reason for people to link to your site, then why would they? That's why you must offer helpful information on your site; the kind of stuff that makes visitors say, "Wow! I've got to share this with my friends!" 


After all, if nobody wants to read what you write or share in videos, then there's no reason for anybody else in the world to link back to them either. Make sure everything on your website is beneficial and valuable so other people will want to link back and help build your website's trustworthiness. Study what works for other companies. What articles or videos stand out and make you want to click on them? Check out how many views, likes, and comments they receive and discover why one gets more than others.

Do you have any other ideas or tips for building links? Leave a comment below! Viviscape's marketing team can answer any SEO question you may have about reaching the most customers within the confines of Google's rules and requirements.


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