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3 Different Flavors of Creative Writing Styles to Elevate Your Company Brand

Are you looking for 3 different style of creative writing to express the identity of your brand.

3 Different Flavors of Creative Writing Styles to Elevate Your Company Brand

News  3 Different Flavors of Creative Writing Styles to Elevate Your Company Brand
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Sep 18, 2020 09:18 PM

Creativity is one of the key ingredients to great copy writing. Without it, you have a mindless monologue of dead text. Remember those textbooks from college? That’s what your writing sounds like without a creative voice. Customers will click elsewhere just as quickly as they would while surfing their TV streaming service for the next binge-worthy show.

Breathe some life into your content by adding a creative flare. In this article, we discuss ways of doing that.

Explore the different styles of creative writing to gather inspiration for your own content writing. Doing so will set your company apart from the rest and show you as a unique force in your industry.


You can use poetry techniques to add color and flare to your writing. Your audience will thank you for the break from the standard copy writing they encounter across the web.

Poetry is useful in copy writing because it’s a departure from the standard use of words. And it doesn’t have to rhyme. It creates a pattern which customers are attracted to. If it sounds unforced, the more comfortable your customer will feel about the message you’re delivering in your content. Obvious rhyming words can make a piece sound like a nursery rhyme, and you certainly don’t want to come across that way. In fact, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme. Poetry can be a bit tricky especially if you’re not well-versed in using it. The takeaway here is that patterns can be created throughout your content which give your piece cohesiveness and makes your message more engaging for the customer. Poetry techniques like iambic pentameter may be useful in your content writing. Iambic pentameter is a poetic metre where the second syllable of each word is emphasized.


Almost every waiter or waitress in Hollywood has a screenplay in the works. It’s the Hollywood dream other than being an actor that attracts many young people to the bright lights of showbiz. It’s also a great way to learn how to write brief, memorable writing that immediately hooks the reader. Screenplays start out with a scene that drops the main character into the heart of the action and then shows how the character reacts to the situation. Your copy writing can benefit from the screenplay’s ability to hook the reader and draw them into the story. After all, if you don’t hook the reader on the first page, the script reader tosses your script into the trash can with hundreds of others. Learning how to hook the reader in the first paragraph is essential to great copy writing.

Short Stories

The ability to contain a story within twenty pages or less is quite an accomplishment in creative writing. Many writers can’t resist the temptation to meander off into endless tangents, taking their readers off topic and leaving them confused about the main theme or message. But brevity is the strength of the short story.

The takeaway here is that storytelling in whatever form can be helpful in your content writing. Stories convert customers faster than salespeak. That’s because people can relate to stories about other people much like themselves sharing similar experiences. Stories are about relationships and stories help the author connect to their audience. That’s what you want to do when writing content for your business.

Connecting with your audience is the key to both creative writing and content writing. Without that connection, your sales message is dead in the water. As you learn about more creative writing styles, take notes about how each style connects to the audience. This exercise may help you in connecting with your customers through your writing.

If you are looking for help telling your story, we are here help.

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