FlyTrap Business

A simple way to market your products and services. FlyTrap centralizes the way you manage your brand accross multiple spaces, while injecting your brand, products, and services to the people nearby and in your local community.

Increase sales and generate more leads

We all know it can be complicated when it comes to generating qualified leads. Flytrap makes this easy by giving you the right tools to generate more leads. If you looking to generate more visibility, get on a prospective client’s calendar, or simply looking at promoting product and service offerings to the masses, Flytrap has the right building blocks to drive results.

Create a Flytrap Listing to convert traffic into sales

Advertising for Impact

Advertising can be expensive and laborious. With Flytrap we cut through the red tape and provide advertising solutions to target the audiences interested in your brand. Whether your audience is surfing the web or browsing with their mobile device for nearby points of interest, Flytrap has the tools to get you in front of the people that are passing you by.

Start advertising for impact with a Flytrap Listing

Create customer relationships

If you are looking for a way to acquire, connect, and engage your customers, then a Flytrap listings can provide you the jump start you need to stay connected with your clients and people following your brand and share the moments that matter most to the audiences you serve.

Start building targeted relationships with your next Flytrap listing

FlytrapGO App

Get listed in our Flytrap Directories. Where you can gain instant exposure to nearby users on iOS and Android looking for your products or services.

Step 1 – Register for FlyTrap

Give your customers what they are looking for fast and easy by providing listings based on the products and services they care about. FlyTrap provides you with the tools you need to broadcast information, deliver content, establish brand awareness, and provide call to actions to users on the go.

Step 2 – Setup your Listing

Create and name your listing. This is also determined at sign up. Your listing comes with a variety of tools to focus on call-to-action from your listing. This includes description, contact Information, a gallery, social links, other suggested listings, and posts.

Step 3 – Monitor

Flytrap allows you to market your listings within targeted geographic regions during specific dates and times on the FlytrapGo Website and to FlytrapGo Mobile iOS and Android users. Doing this will allow you to see impressions, discovers, views, and check-ins when you look through your Insights.

Step 4 – You've Done It!

Your landing page is complete, now you can invite your audience to view your Flytrap listing. Monitor traffic to and from your listing via your favorite analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights . Go deeper into your activity by revealing your Flytrap Insights to review who and where your traffic is being discovered within FlytrapGO App or the web site.

The Buzz

Massive Time Saver

James H. - Dayton, Ohio

"Flytrap has allowed me to consolidate my daily advertising efforts into one place."

Flytrap really does keep it simple

Rene K. - South Bend, Indiana

"I now have a call to action page, where I can showcase my events and updates without hassles of manageing multiple sites."

Digital Marketing Money Maker

Tim M. - Los Angelas, CA

"Flytrap has allowed me to focus on my digital marketing efforts, while providing a landing page for me to drive traffic for our clients."

Food Blogger's Take

Angela O. - St Petersberg, FL

"As a foodie, I was able to quickly discover unique and local places while traveling."