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If you want to sell a house, then you have to make sure you wow a buyer before they see it in person. More often than not, the first view a potential buyer gets of a home is online. While pictures are worth a thousand words and will give them an idea if they want to check out the property in person, using drones can be a better way to sell.

There are many things a drone can do that traditional photography can’t. You have the option of doing aerial photography, which showcases the property in its entirety and in a whole new way. Not only will you be able to show the house, but you can also show any outbuildings, the yard, the beautiful landscaping, the mature and gorgeous trees around the property or even the river that runs through the backyard.

You can even take it a step further and create an aerial video. This will allow potential buyers to go on a virtual tour of the property and see every feature the place has to offer. It will give them a different perspective of the property and may even make them fall in love before they see it in person.

Here are a benefits of using our aerial photography in your market:

  Why Should You Consider Using a Drone for Real Estate?

Currently, only a small portion of agents are using drone photos and videos for their residential real estate. For many, they claim that the cost is prohibitive and they are afraid they won’t see a return on their investment. The problem with this line of thought is that the price range is so skewed that it doesn’t give a true picture of what investing in drone footage is really worth. Talking to a local professional and seeing what they charge is well worth the call.

If a house sits on the market for too long, it could end costing you more than you bargained for in re-listing fees and lower offers. Creating an aerial video or taking professional photos will drive interest to a property and help sell it faster. A small investment in high quality aerial footage and photos will pay off big time oftentimes with offers above the asking price.

In addition, since so few realtors and agencies are employing this tactic, you can set yourself apart from the competition. You can show your listings and business from a different perspective. This may be just what you need to sell more houses and do some creative marketing for your company. It’s worth the investment if you are going to make a profit on the other end.

  How Can Drone Photography and Videos Work for You?

Using drones for real estate means that you can create dramatic videos and really highlight the property you are trying to sell. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an aerial video is worth at least ten times that much. They can capture the expanse of the property and show the majestic scenery around it.

They can also create local awareness of residential real estate and let potential buyers know exactly how close they are to amenities. In the real estate world, location is everything, and a drone can show exactly how the home or business fits into the community.

The images that are captured by a drone can also create interesting virtual tours. With the right equipment and a skilled drone pilot, you can take buyers from the outside of the property right through the front door and tour them around the house. This can make them feel like they are right there in the home and show them every feature and room that exists.

Not only is this beneficial when it comes to selling a house, but it can also work for commercial real estate. If potential buyers don’t live close and it’s challenging for them to get to your location, then drone aerial photography and videos will allow them to see every aspect of the property as if they were walking it themselves. Again, using a drone can also create local awareness for the commercial building and let a potential buyer know if it’s in the best location for them to be successful with their endeavor.

  It Adds More to Traditional Photos

Just because you have a drone at your wedding or another event, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional photographer or videographer. The moments that the drone captures will augment and enhance these other images. All of them will work together to create a full picture of the occasion and capture every special moment that occurred.

You spend a lot of time planning every detail of your event, and you want to ensure that you capture as much as possible. That can be achieved by having a drone. It will also be able to capture angles that aren’t possible with traditional photography. You’ll also be able to see wider angles and more people when you use a drone for your outdoor events.

  What Has Been the Largest Impact of Drone Images?

The largest impact of using a drone for real estate has been found in the luxury market. When people are spending a lot of money on a home, they want to see it in all its splendor. Like many people, they start their search online, and they expect to be wowed and blown away by images of properties. You can do that when you show them images from a drone.

From wide angle shots of outdoor amenities, including pools, guest houses, gardens and the neighborhood, drone images have showcased high-end houses in a new and exciting way. People in this market want to feel special and see properties from a different perspective, and drone footage has achieved that goal.

While the luxury housing market has seen the biggest impact when it comes to using drones, it’s not the only one that can benefit. Regular, every day people can also be amazed and thrilled by drone footage of homes within their price range. It’s a way to showcase property in a new and interesting light that isn’t currently being done by a lot of realtors.

What Else Can Drone Videos and Photography Do?

Drone images can be a great way to get buyers interested in a property, but they can also help you with your marketing endeavors. Again, this is an area that not a lot of realtors are exploring or utilizing, so it’s a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Show clients that you aren’t like other places, that you are willing and able to invest in yourself and new technologies.

This can speak volumes about how much time and effort you are willing to put into your client relationships as well. It may be all you need to get people working with you and buying properties from your agents.

How Do You Find a Drone Pilot for Real Estate?

Creating awe-inspiring footage of residential or commercial real estate requires working with a professional. You need someone who is certified to fly the drone, as well as has a good eye for what will make an intriguing video or interesting photo. When you work with the professionals at ViviScape, you will be getting exactly what you need. Contact us today and take your real estate game to a whole new level.


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