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Utilizing Aerial Photography to cut costs, solve problems, and keep people safe.

Why Aerial Photography Is an
Option for Inspections and Surveys

Technology has advanced to make our lives so much easier, and that is incredibly evident when it comes to the use of drones. These machines have grown in popularity recently because of their capabilities and versatility. They are being used as an entertainment device and are helping in various industries.

When it comes to aerial photography, they are being used for a variety of different tasks because of their ability to capture wide shots and large crowds. For industry, a drone can help them cut costs, solve problems and keep people safe.

Drones are used quite often in the construction industry to create an aerial video because of the benefits they provide. Below are some of the reasons why surveyors should consider using this technology to make their jobs easier.

Here are a benefits of using our aerial photography in your solutions:

  It Helps You Show Off the Venue

When choosing a venue for your event, you often put a lot of thought into it. You want a place that is majestic and memorable. You look for a location that has all the right amenities but also looks spectacular. While it’s possible that traditional photography can capture the beauty and splendor of your venue, using a drone can do so much more.

It offers new perspectives and shows the grand scale of the location. You won’t be limited in the types of photos or videos you take because drones are versatile and mobile. You’ll be able to document every aspect of the venue and look at the images years down the road and feel like you are once again there.


The biggest benefit that comes with using a drone to do aerial photography for home inspections or other surveys is because of safety. Even if a person only has to climb onto a one-story structure to do an inspection, the risk of injury increases. If the structure is unstable and they fall, this could result in broken bones, sprains or other injuries. When you use a drone to conduct the survey, you don’t have to worry about anyone climbing onto the roof.

The cameras on these machines can be top of the line and allow you to see fine details. A drone is also incredibly maneuverable and can get as close or as far away from the building as you want. This means that you have the ability to inspect things from a wide angle or from close range—all while standing safely on the ground.

Not only will a drone work well to inspect and survey tall buildings, but they can also be used in other dangerous construction zones or areas. Once again, this keeps surveyors and other employees safe from injury but still allows you to gather the important information you need.

  Solving Problems

Keeping your employees safe should be a top priority, and using a drone to do home inspections, construction site inspections or surveys can help with that endeavor. In addition, using this machine to do house inspections or to survey construction sites or other areas will allow you to discover any potential problems or hazards. Problem solving derives from awareness of an issue is the first step, and once you know a problem exists, you can then do some troubleshooting and find ways to overcome the issue.

Taking aerial video allows you to see the structure or work site from a different perspective and many different angles. Gathering this data gives you the opportunity to consider every aspect of what could go wrong (or right) and make sure the project stays on budget, is completed on time and employees stay safe. It’s another tool that can make your job easy and convenient.

  Keep Customers Informed

Not only are drones great for keeping people safe and aiding in problem solving, but they are also a good way to keep clients informed and up to date on how much work has been completed at their site. You can give them peace of mind without them having to set foot onsite. This keeps them safe, as well as lets them know that their money is being well spent.

Cost and Energy Savings

A drone can also be beneficial when it comes to cost and energy savings. If you can send one drone out to inspect or survey an area instead of a whole team, this is a better investment for your business. With the reduced risk of people getting injured, you also won’t have to pay medical costs or lose employee time in the office.

If the area is hard to access or it will incur added cost to access, then sending in a drone might be your only option. This process will allow you to gather the information you need to make informed decisions, but you won’t have to spend money needlessly before the project begins. While you’ll have to invest in a drone operator, this could be more cost effective than sending out an entire team to check out the site.

The energy savings come when you don’t have to send a fleet of vehicles out to a construction site to do inspections or surveys. You can send one vehicle that contains your employee and the drone professional. Not only does this benefit you, but it’s also great for the environment.

Local Awareness and Marketing

A drone is a great machine for helping you with your job, but it can also be used for marketing and creating local awareness. People are often curious about how construction jobs are progressing in their community, especially if it impacts them in some way. Whether it has closed down roads and impacted their commute or they are anxiously awaiting a new building, keeping them informed on progress is a great way to reduce their worries about a project.

With a drone, you can take people right into the construction site without taking them into danger. You can show the size and scale of what is happening, as well as give them an idea of when it will be completed. Showcasing the work from a different perspective is a great way to get them excited and interested in what is happening, as well as create some good buzz for your business.

Working with Professionals

When it comes to using a drone for surveying and inspections, you need to work with a professional. Because of the area that the drone will be flown in and due to safety needs, you need to find someone who has the proper certifications to handle this machine. They should also have experience flying over construction zones and houses and with different survey needs.

At ViviScape, they have drone professionals with the proper certification and skills to handle any job you throw their way. They want to showcase your company in the best light for marketing purposes, keep employees safe and keep clients happy and informed. Give them a call today to see how they can help with your inspection and survey needs.

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