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Aerial photography via our drone technology is the new way of putting a company’s best face forward. ViviScape photographers fly the best quality drones in the industry, capturing images of your subjects from every angle. Drone video offers stunning customized 3D marketing videos to showcase your business’s best features, products, properties, or services in HD.

Aerial Photography

for Business

Stand out amongst the crowd by showing aerial photos and video of your business. Video helps prospective customers know more about how your brand identity and what time of business experience they may expect.
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Aerial Photography

for Real Estate

The National Association of Realtors performed a survey that showed that 85% of buyers and expressed more interest in working with agents by demonstrating video within their marketing campaigns. Aerial photos and video express the heights of what you are willing to do to sell the right residential or commercial property for a prospective buyer.
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Aerial Photography

for Inspections

Drones are used quite often in the construction industry to create an aerial video because of the benefits they provide. Below are some of the reasons why surveyors should consider using this technology to make their jobs easier.
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Aerial Photography

for Events

Aerial photography for Events is nothing new, but with the advanced technology and availability of drones, it’s something that’s growing in popularity. Using a drone to capture moments at your outdoor events can create some amazing and long-lasting images. Below are some reasons why you should consider using a drone for aerial video or photography shots at your next event.
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How It Works

 What makes drones great?

Drones are a utility to help allow us to capture photography of your residential and commercial space at a fraction of the cost of what it took in the past with traditional helicopters. With our professional-grade stabilized cameras our pilots can capture footage at low-altitude.

 Here are a few benefits of using our aerial photography with ViviScape Aerials:

 Proximity of Amenities: Aerial photos provide precise context of the perimeter of the property, location and surrounding neighborhoods within its space.

  Staying Safe: Safety is our number one priority. We ensure that we have provided all the necessary measures by checking air space, providing a pre-assessment of the surrounding area for obstacles, and carry the insurance to cover if any incidentals may happen within a photography session.

  Certified Professionals: Our pilots all FAA Part 107 certified unmanned aircraft pilots and have completed the required UAG certification exams and are licensed to commercially acquire your footage legally.

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