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Save time with our prebuilt software solutions.

Wellness Management Platform
NorthTrac is a simple, yet comprehensive health and wellness management platform equipped to provide a secure, simple way to manage appointments, coaching sessions, biometrics, plans, goals, and many other tools needed to build success for your wellness professionals and the clients they serve.

Flytrap Logo Design

Geo Marketing Platform
Flytrap is our latest geo marketing platform. Providing a listing based system to showcase your products, brands and services utilizing nearby services, and beacon technology. FlyTrap’s toolset allows the ability to promote to the audiences that care most about the product and services your deliver.

Tagger App Design

Keep track of the places you discover.
Tagger is the mobile sidekick that allows you the ability discover and share points of interest nearby. Tagger was built to tackle the challenges when navigating new places or locations may not have addresses easily available. Save time by marking your currently location with simple shake of your device. Whether you are going on vacation, touring a city, at the airport or at the grocery store, Tagger is the tool for you.

Wellness Coaching in the Cloud
NorthTrac Cloud provides a simple for small to medium size teams of wellness professionals looking to provide an experience for the people they serve.

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Fax Smarter Together
Faxing has not gone extinct. Faxing has evolved. ViviScape Team fax provides a simple, smart faxing solutions for teams to collaborate with Fax Communications.

When email is not an option, and you are looking for way to satisfy your digital "paper trail" needs, teamFax is the solution you need to fill in the gaps.

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