If you are looking for a platform that can provide the resources needed to eliminate manual processes with your audience and organization, then NorthTrac is the platform to help streamline your day to day efforts.

Why Northtrac?

Good coaching software is hard to find. No program like NorthTrac existed until ViviScape stepped in. We developed a software program that gives hospitals and organizations the flexibility to pull all the necessary tools together for them to track coaching activities, analyzing health risk assessments, wellness screenings, lab tracking reports, wellness coaching, and biometrics offering a comprehensive profile and data support return on investment.

NorthTrac can now gauge the wellness for companies and provide tools to promote wellness and lower medical claims through wellness coaching. The program can tell you how to increase results for healthier employees and a reduction in claims, increasing your bottom line. In addition, ViviScape is currently developing an accredited health program that can use our software and complete a CE program. NorthTrac gives you the ability to interact, connect, and engage your customers in a way never seen before.

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NorthTrac Apps/Go Mobile

Keep up with your clients through our powerful Northtrac apps available on Apple. Both you and your client can use these apps to keep up with goals, plans, events, appointments and more. Mobility is important to us. NorthTrac provides the mobile components you need to manage your clients, send your clients personal and secure messages, all within one global address book, real-time anytime.