The key to help promote your business and products.


  • Upload your contact info to share with your customers
  • Manage your documents, coupons, and etc.
  • Manage your Flytrap Beacons
  • Social Media integration
  • QR Codes
  • View analytics associated with your flytrap listings
  • Provide directions and business hours to customers
  • Track your customers interests
  • Engage your customers with push notifications
  • Present images and information about products or companies
  • Schedule Push Alerts
  • Create backlinks for your websites

Flytrap platform allow customers to easily view and interact with merchants and service providers nearby.

  • Bookmark information to stay up to date
  • Share discoveries with friends and family.
  • Quick check-in to encounters nearby
  • Preview information and view interactive media
  • Retrieve options that may have not be presented before
  • Connect with merchants via email or by phone