Our Customizable Software Applications

Save money by using one of our applications that are already made.

Wellness Management and Coaching Platform
NorthTrac provides a simple, but powerful way for health and wellness professionals to interact with the people they serve. Our secure, customizable platform allows organizations and teams to track and analyze progress, schedule events, manage coaching session and motivate and aid in goals to build client success.

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The Finest Marketing Strategy Available
Whether you provide services, sell retail goods, or exhibt in showrooms, FlyTrap is the location based advertising solution for you. FlyTrap provices a robust all in one marketing platform that enables you to engage customers, boost your revenue, and track trends. FlyTrap's tools give you what you need in order to promote your business and products to the right audence at the right price.

The Best Way to Mark and Share Your Location
The Tagger app allows users to mark points of interest, even when there is no physical address, by using GPS. Whether you are hiking, fishing, hunting, or touring a city, you can mark points of interest so that you can recover them at a later date. And the best part? You can share your location with others!